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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to a weekly event…. Would You Wear It on two blogs, and today I am looking at Would You Wear It – New Brand.

Jennifer Connolly and I have been producing Would You Wear It for a long time, so you can see what is on fashion displays from two communities.

We believe it is important to give you an opportunity to comment on what is currently in stores to let retailers, brands and other women know what you would or would not actually wear. 

Of course, you may always comment on the display styling and how you might improve the looks.

Fashion displays exist to motivate the consumer to purchase….so ask yourself, does it?


Would You Wear It

Rails may not be a new brand, but it was to me. I found this neutral display in Nordstrom.

Look these mannequins over with your best fashion-eye, and determine with constructive thought if you actually would or would not wear the styles.

It is not about would you buy it or do you need it.  Just pretend if you had the clothing would you actually wear it.

Would You Wear It

So, ladies, tell us……………………………………………


Here are more styles from Rails:

Would You Wear It

The neutrals are beautiful…but I was also glad to see this rack of clothing meant for us autumn palette gals!  

It is always successful shopping for me when I find my colors to try on.


Would You Wear It

I stopped by the Nordstrom Beauty Department while there to get more purple eyeliner.

That’s right…purple eyeliner and even mascara make hazel eyes pop.  I wear the eyeliner every time I put on my makeup.

The beauty technician looked at me and said…Trust me.  I want to show you a new brand.

She took me to a counter for the new Kylie Cosmetics.  I looked at her and said…”I am not really a fan. Wouldn’t this be for younger women?”

She thinks this is a hidden gem.  She said, “I have been so pleasantly surprised with these cosmetics and they are very affordable.”

The gel eyeliner pencil in amethyst purple is $15.  So, I agreed to try it…I will report back to you what I think…but the purple color is beautiful and does wonders for hazel eyes.

I know that for a fact.

Make sure you comment on today’s Would You Wear It…then go to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s….and always…


By Pamela Lutrell


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