How I Lost 30 Pounds and Got Fit in Just 3 Months

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Christopher Brown, 56, shares how he lost 30 pounds and became a more confident and active person.

I have consistently worked out throughout my adult life, albeit in a fragmented way that left me unsatisfied with the results. I always considered myself to be in decent shape, but I was never able to achieve the personal goals I set for myself. Growing up and even into early adulthood, I could eat anything and not gain weight. If I did put on some pounds, they came off easily with little work. But that slowly changed overtime and my diet did not. I was in a real rut, fueled by work stress, poor diet choices, and an excess of alcohol. An additional activity brought on by Covid pushed me to a breaking point that gave me the motivation to make a significant change in my routine and lifestyle.

I signed up for Ultimate Performance’s three-month transformation challenge. UP helped me create a diet plan that provided energy and needed nutrients and more importantly, held me accountable to stay on plan. Breakfast now is typically an egg, cottage cheese and smoked salmon. Lunch is a large salad with of chicken or fish. And dinner is often at restaurants but centered on simply prepared meat or fish with fresh vegetable sides.

I trained at UP three times a week and did at least two cardio sessions, usually on a stationary bike. I made sure to keep my daily steps above 12,000 by walking to nearby places instead of taking the car. In the beginning deadlifts and chinups seemed impossible, and I struggled to learn proper technique and form. My trainer Evin really watched my form closely and gave great queues to improve each repetition. Now I am amazed that they are two of my favorites.

I credit Evin for my success. He explained the importance of my diet and provided strategies to keep on track even when I had to travel or attend social functions. I would tell him the restaurant where I needed to go, and he would review the menu and make suggestions. Having a plan going in makes all the difference. His laser focus on form and technique gave me the confidence to know I was doing the exercises correctly and getting the most out of each training session. Before I had access to that knowledge, I likely wasted many days at the gym doing exercises with improper form.

In just over three months, I lost a total of 30 pounds. My body fat went from 24.9% to 13.9%. I have repeatedly set a goal of improving my physical fitness and health, and never before have I truly achieved those goals. By completing this transformation, I have proven to myself that I can achieve milestones that I set for myself when I prioritize them. I find that the confidence I gained from the transformation pops up unexpectedly in other aspects of my life. When something seems unattainable or challenging, I know deep down that I can overcome if I just put my mind to it.

My next goal is to increase lean muscle mass while keeping the weight off. Evin is changing my workouts and diet to focus on muscle gain. This keeps me engaged in the process and as always, I am motivated by the results I continue to see.

If you want to make a dramatic change in your body, it takes a steadfast commitment. So go all in to achieve what you want. Talking to friends that worked with UP personal training convinced me to take that big step. Having a quality coach motivated me to stay on course and provided quick, visible results that keep me motivated to continue this amazing fitness journey. My advice would be: make your transformation a top priority and whether you use a personal trainer or not, find a way to be held accountable for your achievements and your missteps.

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