Lenny Kravitz Just Teased His Six-Pack Abs at 57 in a New Photo

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Lenny Kravitz isn’t just a legendary rock star. He’s also an icon when it comes to the art of the shirtless social media photo. At 57 years old, the former Men’s Health cover star is in the best shape of his life, working a lean, ripped physique and sculpted abs that frequently send his Instagram and Twitter followers into a frenzy—like his latest artfully semi-clothed black and white pic, which he captioned simply “1:56pm.”

Jacked movie stars like The Rock and Channing Tatum regularly leave awed comments on the musician’s Instagram thirst traps, and they’re not the only ones who are impressed: he’s so ripped that his daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz, has remarked that she believes he should be cast in the upcoming third Magic Mike movie.

Despite that shredded six-pack, however, you’ll rarely see Kravitz inside a weights room: he lives in the Bahamas, after all, and prefers to exercise out in the great outdoors wherever possible. “I’d rather be outside and in nature than being cooped up inside a gym,” he told Men’s Health in 2020. He programs these outdoor workouts with the help of his trainer, Miami-based Dodd Romero, and most days follow the same routine: a fasted cardio session first thing in the morning, a weightlifting workout during the day, and then more cardio in the evening.

Whether he’s doing weighted movements or bodyweight exercises, Kravitz keeps things simple with high-rep sets: check out his “jungle workout” here.

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