Link roundup on housework as exercise

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There’s a new study out suggesting that doing dishes, gardening, even showering– what the researchers are calling “daily life movement” can reduce mortality risk from heart attack and other cardiovascular disease in women. Of course, the news article features a woman doing dishes and smiling:

Shell Game: Why Knowing How Many Calories Your Housework Burns Is a Set-Up

I also wrote about the cleaning-as-cardio myth– its past and present:

Cleaning is NOT the new cardio: Women, housework and not working out

Sam wrote about some studies showing that extremely sedentary people may experience over-exertion evening after doing dishes or other ordinary life activities:

Hate exercise? You might just be much more unfit than you think

Check them out…

Readers, where does housework fit in your everyday exercise or movement routine? Do some chores count but not others? Let us know what you think.

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