Nigh-Fingerless Speech, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:00am

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Today I am writing with my voice.

This is not easy. However, if you think about it, there’s not a lot of ease in the world right now. So, since community matters, I am sitting on my sofa engaged in the complex cognitive task of talking in such a way as to be legible. Phew.

In the end, I’m always glad to learn something new in a way that lets me feel that I still can meet the world as a young person. Wait. My mind may meet the world like a young person. My elbow would like to sit down.

I am on strict arm rest for two weeks. Good thing that’s it, because it’s pretty annoying. Here’s only actual thought I have for you this morning: I see that Ukraine seems determined to fight together for their imperfect society, while we argue against ourselves about our own. I suppose they define their country as the community and we do not.

The question is not brilliant, and I imagine the real answer is profoundly complex. Sending hope to the universe for peace, choice and health, for as many people as possible. Have a good weekend.

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