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Early in life I discovered that if I wanted to do something, I shouldn’t sit back and wait for it to magically happen. That’s called daydreaming, and while it’s fun to fantasize, it’s also a good way to wind up with our dreams unfulfilled.

Instead, I learned I needed to “choose it” and then make it happen.

As kids, most of us tried on different ideas of who we wanted to be—a businesswoman, an actress, maybe a teacher—but at some point, if we didn’t take the reins and do something that moved us in the direction we wanted to go, we were like the flotsam and jetsam that drifted across the ocean. We were rudderless. Now, as grownups, many of us are at an age where we’re feeling adrift: The kids are gone; we’ve retired from our job, and we’re wondering what to do with the next chapter of our lives. 

Some of us may be content, right where we are, but if we’re trying on different hats, again, and we find one that fits…then what? How do we make our daydream manifest itself? Many of us think that because we’ve reached a certain age, our dreams are out of reach, but that’s not true! Just because the calendar adds another year, we still dream. And we are the only ones who can make them come to life.

For a long time, a girlfriend of mine has been unhappy in a professional position she’s held for twenty-five years, but she wasn’t ready to retire. Instead, she submitted her resume to a new company and applied for a marketing position she’d never held. There was lots of competition from qualified people, half her age. She’s 72-years-old. At the interview, when they asked her why she wanted to work there she said, “I want a new challenge. I want to be where the action is.” No doubt her resume, her wisdom, life experience, and her brilliant answer clinched the deal, because she got the job! 

Way to go, girlfriend! I’m proud of you!

When it comes time to think about the next phase of our life, it doesn’t matter whether we’re like my friend, and we apply for a job with a different company, outside our field, or we like to put puzzles together and decide to challenge ourselves with a 10,000-piece puzzle. I encourage all of us to reach out and go for it, because where are we without inspiration, new challenges, and goals to strive for in life? Without them, we stagnate and get old before our time.

Be it love, laughter, a new job, a place we’ve always wanted to visit, or maybe we’re still looking for the person we want to become, we are a reflection of what we draw to us.  

Who makes it happen? We make it happen. What are you waiting for?

Love, Brenda

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