Relatable bodies in the news this week

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It’s been a week. Even though the COVID numbers are heading downward in my area of the US, they’re still very high. And I also spent more time than usual in grocery stores, caught up in pre-nor’easter shopping mania. I now have 1.5 gallons of milk in my fridge. I guess it’s time to make a LOT of pudding…

the Guardian called “models of average size” in his couture show.

I know. I should’ve warned you to sit down before reading this. I hope you’re okay.

The fashion media were all aflutter over this.

In runway shows, sometimes there are 50 skinny models and one bigger-sized. I feel like you don’t really relate to that. You don’t believe that. You just tick the box,” Piccioli told Vogue. Instead, he cast 10 models with “differently proportioned bodies,” to the delight of fashion fans and dispelling the notion that it’s too difficult or expensive to design clothes for different body types, an oft-cited excuse for designers unwilling to become more inclusive.

Let’s take a look at some of these “relatable bodies” (as the Guardian put it):

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