Shopping Spring at Marshalls

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Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Happy Sunday, everyone. Today I take you with me for Shopping Spring at Marshalls.

This post is multi-purpose:

  1. To present another option for affordable fashion during inflation times….such as Marshalls and TJ MAXX.  I plan to keep price points mixed up for the readers.
  2. To take you into the dressing room with me to understand why I like or don’t like an item. 
  3. To also demonstrate how I look for my adjectives and my color story…and how they influence my purchasing decisions.

This will be my second time to enter warm weather seasons as a Vibrant Autumn…and I plan to continue dressing in my palette. 

I cannot link to these items because of the way Marshalls is structured to move merchandise, but I can encourage you to visit Marshalls online.

So let’s have some fun and go shopping for spring at Marshalls.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Since I discovered last year that I am a true Vibrant Autumn girl, this Chico’s top has been my favorite…and was the first I purchased in my new palette.

When I decided to go have some fun at Marshalls, I put on my favorite blouse, my navy peacoat, dark jeans and my sparkly gold flats to head out and shop.

My top-of-the-mind desire was to see what is out for spring in my colors, and to expert with shapes and designs.

I am looking to tell the world right now that I am joyful, creative, approachable, polished and current. 


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

I have always loved a piece that flows in a lab-coat type of look…don’t know why…I just do.

I agree with the majority of you that I look best in shorter lengths…but for some reason I love a look like this…especially with leggings.

This is a long jacket by Tahari…and is in a beautiful buttercream white, so it is not white white….It has fun pockets and sleeves.

However, I did leave it there.  First of all, I thought it to be expensive at $34 and it doesn’t speak “current” to me. 


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

I only tried this jacket on to see how the shape looked on me….and I liked it.  The length and shape are fun.

It is white white and not in my colors…not great material (wrinkled easily and was thin), but I would love to find something like this in my colors (a flax or khaki) and better fabric.

Sometimes, it is useful to try on shapes just to see how the shape looks on us…it will help with shopping online especially.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Thank goodness there is lots of navy in stores.  I have added several navy pieces recently.  This top is cute with the epaulettes on the shoulder.

I also l like sleeves that will go up or down.

You can see here how flattering the blue top and dark denim are in a column of color and it looks great under toppers.

I did not purchase it because I have so many navy tops now…but rather used it to try on other pieces!


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

This shirt is really cute and would look great with white or off white denim.

I did not purchase it…it did not speak to me…but was a fun, nice top and could be worn like a topper or a blouse.

Maybe I should go get it…what do you think? WHAT DOES IT SAY TO YOU?


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Full disclosure…I tried this on for the audience ….not me.

I saw the pieces hanging together and wanted you to see these color combinations mixed up with a gray jacket.

It is a softer way to say spring…hope this inspires someone in the audience.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

This is a Vince Camuto top.  One thing I am shopping for are spring tops with rounded bottoms like this one…they are more flattering in fit for a curvy lady.

But this one was too thin…and I did not like the bows on the sleeves. 

But, the color was great.    At Marshalls, you can get Vince Camuto pieces for as low as $12 and I usually do like this designer.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

This kimono is also by Vince Camuto.  I like it…like the colors…BUT….

I personally own plenty of kimonos and I am trying to get away from the style some…I do not feel current and polished in this.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

My creative bent had me reaching for tops in prints in possible colors that would work.

But, you can see me grimacing and pointing to the area that is a bit NO on a larger woman.

On a thinner, younger woman, it might work…but it made me “feel” older. 

That design just made me look larger and the overall print was not current.

I quickly took it off.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

This tunic also was rejected by me because it did not say current to me…but rather older.

I loved the colors in this tunic.  I would love to find these colors perhaps in a more modern looking print and in a top that fit better rather than a tunic.


Shopping SPring at Marshalls

However, here is a tunic that I really liked.

The 100% Lyocell, a fabric which is very popular in sustainable fashion.  It is soft, durable, and easy care.

I can wear this denim top as a topper or button it with leggings and add my creative touches.  It is a great palette to build with and was only $19.

It came home with me…I know it is not a short garment…but a great fitting tunic is a plus to have and especially one is a “cooler” fabric.


Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Finally, this $20 top by Rachel Zoe also came home with me.

It checked all of my boxes: color in my palette, speaks my adjectives, how a modern design to it; and has the rounded bottom hem.  The collar tie can go V Neck or closed with a bow…that is a plus.

I like the sleeve embellishments as well and the colors in the print includes navy and not black.

There were so many prints with black…it was nice to find this one without.  And it does say that I am a joyful, creative lady.

I look forward to styling both of these pieces for you to show how I will wear them and where I go in them.

Shopping SPring at Marshalls

Readers seemed to like it when I took you through my dressing room process in the past, so I hope this one helped as well. 

There are many trips when I leave with nothing.  But, one plus about shopping Marshalls is how easy it is to return items.

If I do not like the denim tunic with my leggings, I can take it back.  A try on session at home will happen this weekend.

Shopping Spring at Marshalls

Remember, Marshalls is also a great place to find handbags.  I just got a new Patricia Nash there.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me…it is always more fun to have a friend along.  As new collections come out in March, we will have more fun with Leigh & Me.


By Pamela Lutrell

Thank you to everyone who shops through my SHOPPING LINKS...your support of this blog means the world!

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