Stripes for Casual Fun

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Stripes for Casual Fun

Happy Valentine’s Day, luvs!  Thank you for being here.  Let’s discuss how stripes work for casual fun!

Many of you know that before I came home to blog full time that I wasn’t much of a wearer of stripes.

But since changing my style to more casual chic from professional classic, I have become a big fan of wearing stripes.

Especially for me with style adjectives that communicate joy and creativity…stripes are definitely casual fun.


Stripes for Casual Fun

I currently have more striped garments in my wardrobe than ever before.

My previous striped garments where…French Style…more black & white stripes.  But, after I learned I am not a cool woman but a warm one, I needed stripes in different colors.

This was an early purchase last spring in a LOFT clearance sale.  I think it is fun and has cute sleeve details.

I like to mix it with scarves of different prints, but make sure somehow, it all goes…that is favorite take on my casual fun.

I usually avoid horizontal stripes, but have learned that it is more about the fit of the garment.  They can be flattering with the right fit.

Stripes for Casual Fun

This is another sale purchase from LOFT last year…it is a perfect cream and khaki.  I can easily dress it up or down.

Again, with this bandana, I can mix stripes with pattern in the sale color family and it works.

Stripes for Casual Fun

Another LOFT top…in red and a orangey red color.

Last year, I experienced some difficulty finding the colors of striped tops I was looking for.

But, this year….2022 Fashion is a Stripe Explosion!  I have seen so many different colors of stripes so far…and expect there will be more.

Look at some of these currently on the market:


Stripes are Casual Fun

There are many ways to add fun to your casual style.  I just recently added a few shoe clips to my accessories.

They are such a fun way to bump up our casual shoes…who says rhinestones have to be on heels or only worn to weddings?

These are part of a Shoe Clip Set that I got on Amazon.  I showed you how they look on two different pair of flats.

There are more on Amazon, and a few fun ones here….

My Foundational Five Style Adjectives are joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current….that is why I look for ways to have casual fun in my style.  Stripes are current…so I will continue to enjoy the trend.

Does anyone have big plans for Valentine’s Day?…please share if you do…I hope you have a lovely day any way and that throughout it you will….


By Pamela Lutrell


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