The Kneeling Waiter’s Curl Can Help Turn Your Biceps Peaks Into Mountains

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You might think you’ve done every variation of biceps curl imaginable at this point in your training career. Trainers in the pursuit of bulging arms have conceived of so many different iterations, from standard dumbbell reps to arachnid-themed, bench-bound versions to purposefully fudging the form for more gains. But if you haven’t tried this ingenious biceps-building method from Athlean-X trainer Jeff Cavaliere, C.S.C.S., you haven’t tried every curl in the book just yet.

The waiter’s curl is a favorite of the trainer, since the exercise allows you to really focus on hammering the long head of the biceps, which in turn develops the “peak” of the muscle (i.e. the high point of the muscle that pushes the limits of your t-shirt sleeves). To perform the movement, hold one dumbbell with two hands on one end (unlike standard curl variations which often use a pair of weights) in a pose that evokes a waiter carrying a platter, with the weight facing up throughout the movement. The key is in keeping the wrists bent and palms flat, which takes the forearm flexors out of the equation to put the onus all on the biceps.

But there’s one more tweak you can make to the waiter’s curl that will make it a bit… friendlier for guys who include the movement in their workouts from the standard standing position. In a recent Instagram post, Cavaliere suggests performing the exercise from a low kneeling position instead. “It gets a little tricky when dragging that dumbbell up and down up against your…well, you know what I’m saying?” he wrote in the post’s caption.

In case you haven’t tried waiter’s curl and/or you’re not exactly sure what Cavaliere is referring to, we’ll make it abundantly clear: you might hit yourself in the groin with the weight as you attempt to rep through the full range of motion. By taking the position on the ground, you can avoid an uncomfortable collision.

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“Sitting back on the heels leaves just enough room for that dumbbell to follow its path without punishing anything other than your biceps along the way!” the trainer advises.

Want to make the kneeling waiter’s curl even more vicious? Try it from a tall kneeling position while squeezing your glutes and core to create even more full-body tension. Start with 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps to finish off next your arm day workout.

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