The Star-Studded Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Won’t Be Cheap

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It’s that time of year again, when the entire country watches two teams battle it out in the biggest football game of the year. Of course, not everyone watching Super Bowl LVI will even be interested in who wins or loses. In fact, it’s fair to say the spectacle of the Super Bowl Halftime is as much as an event as the game itself. And this year, the NFL is going all out with not one, but five scheduled performers.

That’s right. It’s a rap and hip-hop extravaganza, with some of the biggest names in the genre (plus one well-known R&B star) combining forces for the halftime show. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige are set to take the stage midway through the major sport event. It’s unclear if it’ll be as ambitious as The Weeknd’s performance last year, which the singer spent $7 million of his own money—on top of the NFL’s production budget—to put together, according to Billboard. With five artists on the docket for 2022, the NFL probably spent millions just to build a stage big enough for all those musicians to perform together.

Dr. Dre—the rapper, record producer, actor—is also the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics (yeah, those Beats). He rose to fame with the 1990’s group N.W.A., and in 1992 released his debut solo album The Chronic. He also helped start the music career of various other artists, including his Super Bowl co-performer Eminem. Dr. Dre also has songs with all of his Super Bowl performers, meaning he’ll probably bring them in for at least one of them, in addition to any solo work the others may choose to rap/sing.

According to Variety, Dr. Dre is also bringing in two deaf rappers—Sean Forbes and Warren “WaWa” Snipe, marking the first time sign language interpreters will be included in the halftime show.

It’s both an epic team-up, and also a way for the NFL to appeal to all audiences, young and old, who may not want to watch the game, but will certainly tune in for talented celebrities who will no doubt bring a performance worth remembering.

So, how much did it cost to get the quintet we’re going to see on February 13? Scroll down to find out how much the whole production cost.

Do the Performers Get Paid?

Contrary to popular belief, performers historically aren’t paid for their Super Bowl performances. Instead, the NFL pays for production costs to set up the performance. That figure varies per year, and the NFL doesn’t advertise it. Hence why the major news of 2021 focused on how much The Weeknd paid in addition to the league’s budget.

How Much Did the 2022 Halftime Show Cost?

Last year, Forbes reported the show cost around $10 million. Back in 2020, when Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed, it reportedly cost $13 million, according to Reuters. We may not have the exact numbers for this year yet, but there’s a strong likelihood it’s in the $10-15 million range, if not higher.

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So, why do all these big names do it? Usually it’s to promote a new album or simply to increase streaming numbers. After Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance, Newsweek reported the Lopez had a 335% spike in streaming, and Shakira had a 230% spike.

Just imagine what that’ll do to not just one artist’s streaming numbers, but five. The Super Bowl is about to make us all major hip-hop fans.

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