Times are changing when Bicycling magazine says to ditch the scale

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You need a subscription to read it online, or buy the paper magazine. (I’m a fan and I have both.) But either way prepare to be shocked at this headline, Hey Cyclists: Quit Obsessing Over Your Weight! A MOUNTAIN OF RESEARCH SAYS YOU CAN RIDE STRONG AT ANY SIZE. HERE’S HOW in the latest issue.

The article tells the story of cyclists who’ve been advised by coaches and cycling friends, if you want to get better, get faster drop some weight.

“For many cyclists, this attitude—and the belief that achieving a certain weight is the key to performance—is not only unhealthy but can also cause lifelong mental and physical damage. As more evidence shows that weight is not a reliable indicator of health and that a focus on body weight is harmful, it’s clear that we in the bike community need to change the conversation on weight, performance, and well-being.”

The issue also goes on to profile some larger bodied cyclists, such as Lulu Carter, below.

Go buy the magazine and read the whole thing. It’s worth it!

Here on the blog we’ve also profiled some larger cyclists. See Big Women on Bikes and Plus Sized Endurance Athletes: We Exist.

Lulu Carter in Bicycling Magazine

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