8 Best Assault Bike Benefits + 7 Workouts for Body Transformation

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Assault Bike Benefits – Introduction

Assault Bike Benefits: Why are air bikes so great?

Cycling is a great way to get fit, lose weight, and improve health.

It doesn’t matter if you ride an exercise bike or head out on an actual bicycle; cycling is an accessible, enjoyable, and efficient way to change your body.

On the downside, cycling is very much a lower body workout.

While you DO use your core, arms, chest, shoulders, and back, their involvement is minimal.

As a result, you’ll need to supplement your bike workout with some targeted strength training exercises for your upper body.

But what if there was a type of bike that worked your lower body AND upper body?

The good news is that such a thing exists!

This article reveals the benefits of using an Assault AirBike and provides you with some great workouts to try.

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What is an Assault Bike? 

Firstly, Assault Bikes are nothing new.

In fact, they’ve been around for well over 30 years.

However, they’re currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity because of CrossFit.

Assault Bikes often feature in CrossFit WODs (workout of the day) and have been used in CrossFit games.

Assault Bikes are a type of air or fan bike, and other companies make similar machines, but Assault Bikes are among the best.

There are several differences between an air bike and a standard exercise bike.

Firstly, instead of a flywheel or electromagnetic brake, Assault bikes have a large fan.

The harder you pedal, the more wind resistance you’ll have to overcome, which means there are no complicated settings to change.

Instead, you jump on and start pedaling and can adjust the workload instantly.

Secondly, Assault Bikes have handles to push and pull to work your upper body and your lower body simultaneously.

These handles also increase the number of calories you can burn per minute and should produce a more intense workout.

Finally, you can pedal forward or backward on an Assault Bike, which means you can target different muscles depending on how you use the bike.

Many gyms have Assault Bikes, and they’re also available for home use.

Assault Bike Advantages and Benefits

Not sure if the Assault Bike is the best type of workout for you?

Consider these advantages and benefits and then decide!

#1. Low impact

Like all bike-based workouts, Assault Bikes are low impact, putting very little stress on your joints.

Because of this, they’re ideal for heavier exercisers and anyone with pre-existing joint pain.

In contrast, running means that your feet hit the floor with about eight times your body weight, which could cause injury.

With no impact to contend with, Assault Bike workouts are much easier on your joints, even when you crank up the intensity level to the max.

#2. Full-body workout

As already mentioned, Assault Bikes feature an upper-body action that works your arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

While using an Assault Bike probably won’t build muscle, it will condition and tone your upper body.

Working your entire body at once means that Assault Bike workouts are very time efficient.

#3. Perfect for warm-ups

Before starting any workout, you need to spend a few minutes preparing your body for what you are about to do.

Because they involve every joint and virtually every muscle in your body, a few minutes on an Assault Bike is the ideal way to warm up before any workout, including strength training.

#4. It burns a lot of calories

While the number of calories you burn will depend on your weight and how hard and how long you train, Assault Bikes have the potential to burn a lot!

Using all your major muscles at once requires a lot of energy.

So, if you want to burn body fat and lose weight fast, an Assault Bike can help you achieve your weight loss goal.

540 calories burned on an assault bike in 30 minutes

#5. Versatile

You can use an Assault Bike for a range of different workouts.

Most machines have a programmable timer so that you can do various HIIT sessions (high intensity interval training), and some even have preloaded workouts to follow.

Or, if you prefer, you can pedal at a moderate speed for an extended period to develop your aerobic fitness.

You can also only use your legs or your arms for added variety.

Compared to a traditional exercise bike, Assault Bikes are much more versatile, so you should have no problem keeping your workouts fresh, fun, and engaging.

How To HIIT Cardio To Lose Belly Fat

#6. Suitable for all fitness levels

The harder you pedal, the more the fan resists you.

As such, Assault Bikes are ideal for all levels of exerciser, even the very fit.

In fact, if you go for it, an Assault Bike will quickly exhaust even the fittest user.

So, if you buy an Assault Bike, it’s nice to know you’ll never get so fit that it’ll lose its effectiveness.

#7. Stay cool

With their large fans, Assault Bikes move the air around you, which could help you stay cooler.

However, if you work out hard enough, you’ll probably drip sweat everywhere, so it’s usually best to place a towel or mat under your Assault Bike and wipe it off after use.

#8. Strengthen your heart

Strengthening your heart can lower your heart rate naturally.

Here’s how: When you strengthen your heart, your heart muscle becomes stronger and can pump blood more effectively.

As a result, a stronger heart lowers your heart rate because the muscle does not have to work too hard to move blood around your body.

Assault air bikes can help lower your heart rate by providing an intense lower, and upper body workout-which is why they are so popular.

As a result, a stronger heart can improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

Assault Bike Workouts

While you could hop on an Assault Bike and start pedaling, you’ll get better results if you follow a preplanned program.

Try the ones preloaded into the performance monitor, or try one of these workouts instead!

Adjust the following workouts according to your current fitness level.

All weights, durations, etc., are suggestions only.

#1. Deadlifts and Assault Bike Intervals

Deadlifts are arguably one of the most beneficial exercises you can do.

The incredible deadlift is a functional and efficient exercise that works virtually every muscle in your body.

Pairing deadlifts with an Assault Bike will deliver a short but intense workout that’ll build muscle and fitness while burning many calories.

Do seven laps of the following as fast as you can:

  1. Ten reps deadlift @ 60% of your one-repetition maximum
  2. Air Bike 30 calories

#2. Assault Bike Cindy

Cindy is a popular CrossFit workout.

Using a few simple bodyweight exercises, Cindy uses all your major muscles, and adding an Assault Bike adds an extra cardio element to this short but intense workout.

You’ll need a power tower or pull-up bar to do Assault Bike Cindy.

Do ten laps of the following as fast as you can:

  1. Five pull-ups
  2. Ten push-ups
  3. 15 air squats
  4. Assault Bike 20 calories

#3. Tabata on an Assault Bike

Short on time?

Then Tabata is the workout for you!

Even with a five-minute warm-up and cool-down, it’s still over and done in under 15 minutes.

But, be warned, Tabata-style workouts are brief but far from easy, but that’s the price you have to pay for such time-efficient short workouts.

Do eight laps of the following:

  1. Assault bike – 20 seconds sprint
  2. Assault bike – 10 seconds slow

#4. Viking Assault Bike Challenge

This cardio workout adheres to the principle “eat the biggest frog first.”

It starts hard but becomes more manageable as you work down the list of intervals.

Of course, while the intervals get shorter, you get more tired, which keeps the intensity level high from start to finish.

However, psychologically, the decreasing intervals make this workout seem more manageable.

Do the following intervals:

  1. 750 meters
  2. 500 meters
  3. 250 meters
  4. 125 meters

Complete each interval as fast as possible and then rest for the same duration before doing the next one.

However, don’t stop.

Instead, pedal slowly for an active recovery.

So, if it takes you 2 minutes 45 seconds to ride cover meters, that’s how long you get to rest before you row 500 meters.

#5. 5000-Meter Time Trial

A time trial is a race against the clock.

So, do 5,000 meters (5k/3.1 miles) for this workout as fast as possible.

Don’t set off too hard, or you may not finish the workout.

Instead, pace yourself to make sure you can complete the entire distance.

Then, next time you do this workout, do your best to beat your previous time.

#6. Upper Body/Lower Body

One of the unique features of Assault Bikes is that you can use your arms and legs independently.

This workout makes the most of this function and ensures that your upper body gets as good a workout as your lower body.

  1. Ten calories – arms only
  2. Then, ten calories – legs only
  3. Ten calories – entire body
  4. Repeat ten times

#7. 30:30 Assault Bike and Burpees Intervals

Burpees are a do-it-all bodyweight exercise that involves almost every muscle in your body.

They’re also an excellent fat burner and conditioning exercise.

Pairing burpees with Assault Bike intervals delivers a full-body workout to torch fat and build unstoppable fitness and endurance.

Complete ten laps of the flowing for a total of 20-minutes:

  • 30 seconds assault bike sprint
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds burpees for maximum reps
  • Rest 30 seconds

To do a burpee:

  1. Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides.
  2. Squat down and place your hands on the floor by your feet.
  3. Jump your legs back and into the push-up position.
  4. Do one push-up.
  5. Jump your feet back into your hands.
  6. Leap up and into the air.
  7. Land on slightly bent knees and repeat.

Assault Bike Body Transformation – Wrapping Up

When it comes to workout bang for your buck, Assault Bikes are hard to beat.

Like rowing machines, they use virtually every muscle in your body, but unlike rowers, they’re easier to use, more compact, and more forgiving, too.

Assault Bikes are also more versatile, as you can use them with just your arms, just your legs, or your arms and legs together.

You can also go forward OR backward to work your muscles differently.

Suitable for all fitness levels, Assault Bikes are simple to operate, sturdy, and you can use them for standalone workouts or in conjunction with other types of exercise equipment.

Perfect for home gyms, Assault Bikes are rugged, stable, and hardwearing machines.

They should provide you with many years of hassle-free workouts.

All in all, Assault Bikes are an incredibly effective tool and a great piece of equipment to own and use.

Try one – you’ll love it!

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