Absolutely the Best Styles of Jeans For Women Over 50

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The world of denim is rapidly changing. Because of all the great new looks coming forward, it’s time for us to have another conversation about styling denim. What should you look for?  Are skinny jeans still in style?  Which looks are best jeans for older women? and, How you put stylish outfits together with the new silhouettes? 

As mature women, we ask many more questions, such as “is this age appropriate? And “how can I create my own unique look?”  We are also more aware of what may or may not work with our body type.    I’ve written about working on finding your unique style as well as the question of being “age-appropriate.”  The short version comes down to finding your vibe, (mine is modern classic) but there is boho, trendy, sporty, casual chic, and so on.  These are how to describe your “vibe”.  Once you have that, and your body basics, you will start to screen out things that don’t fit your vibe.  There is no best jeans look for everyone. Choosing the right jeans has become individualized–look for inspiration but don’t worry about following lots of rules.

Fashion Flash

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Fashion Flash:   Skinny jeans are making their way out of the spotlight right now. To me, that’s great news—I was tired of the look and ready for something new.  Jeans with a higher rise are also much more popular right now—think of 1980’s and 1990s styles. High-waisted jeans are often a lot more flattering—no more worry about muffin tops!   Wider legs on jeans are also very popular and are a lot more flattering for many figure types.   You will see straight-leg jeans, flairs, cropped jeans, and jeans with a vertical slit at the ankle.  Jeans with rips at the knees are still floating around, but distressed jeans seem to go the way of skinny jeans.  If you have them and love them, by all means—wear them.  If you are like me—ready for a new look, keep reading.

Modern Classic Styling With Denim

If you go for a classic look some of the new styles will be right up your alley, you will notice a number of great classic looks that go with the new jean styles.  Look for straight legs, boot cuts, or flairs in a dark wash.  Button-down shirts tucked in with a great belt, and a pair of loafers of heels look amazing with these jeans.  Choose a pump or slide with a kitten heel or higher heel.  Look for a flat slide with a woven band across the instep.  I love these looks because they are magic for almost any body shape.

Style jeans with blazers, (a black blazer is always great) button-ups with sweaters worn over the shoulders.  V-neck vests with or without a shirt are perfect for this style.  A classic white t-shirt is always good, though this year, the mock turtle neck and round neck shirts will take the place of last year’s v-neck.   Look for high waist jeans -they are always a good idea.

Look for denim shorts with trouser styling, for a little more polish—I often skip denim shorts but this year, I purchased a pair of “a-line” denim shorts because they are a bit more tailored and less casual than cut-offs.  For summer, white jeans are always a great option and look great on women of all ages.

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Trend Lovers

For those of you who love fashion trends, the vertical slit at the ankle worn with a pair of kitten heel pointed-toe shoes is super chic.   

Pegleg style jeans like those seen in the 1990s are also on-trend.  The jeans are a little bit higher waisted they look beautiful on people who have a little more curve to their figure.  Older jeans can be brought on trend by adding a roll to the cuffs, bringing the length of the jeans a few inches above the ankle bone.

Boho girls are going to love relaxed-fit jeans in a light wash with rips at the knee, worn with tiny floral print tops—think of the 1960s and flat sandals.  This looks great with a broad-brimmed straw hat.

Sporty girls will love “a-line” high-rise jeans with a body-conscious top and a pair of fresh white trainers and a ball cap.

While a few low-rise jeans hit the runway this year, middle-aged women need not take heed—medium and high rise styles are here to stay for a while.  There are many styles that will suit our age group.  It just takes a little time to find the right cut and the perfect fit.

When it comes to denim lengths, the cropped length with a slight flair looks great, as do jeans that go right to the floor.   It just depends on your personal style and body type as to which is going to work best for you.

Trending for 2022

You’re going to be noticing that tops are tucked in—white button-down shirts are a must, as are more body-conscious tops that are worn with wide-leg jeans. Half tucked blouses and sweaters are still popular, as is tying a button up at the waist.  

Casual tops with a square neckline and puffy sleeves are popular as are tops that wrap or are gathered at the waist.

Belt wearing falls into two camps, those who wear them and those who don’t.  Many of the young girls I see on the streets are not wearing belts.  But statement belts are still a popular way to bring attention to the waistline while creating structure and interest to the look.

When it comes to shoes and sandals, clogs, Birkenstocks, and delicate kitten heels are all being worn with jeans this season.  As a lover of classic looks, I am gravitating to high heels with my jeans — but white Birkenstocks, flats with a wide braided strap, and a square toe are trending and look great with the wider leg jeans and slightly shorter pant lengths. 

The Denim Pieces I Have Chosen for 2022

I’m really enjoying the flares and straight cropped jeans.  This look is polished and best for my classic style wardrobe.  I’ve been removing the skinny and button-front jeans from my closet—they just aren’t as flattering for my figure.  My goal is to build a wardrobe that looks great with my figure rather than following trends.  I am also focusing on clothing that works with my warm-weather lifestyle.  

We’re also not seeing the button fly jeans that were so hot a few years ago.   in years past so I have I have those in my pile to send over to a resale shop. When it comes to denim we’re also seeing denim dresses that are amazing looking, however for Florida life, which is what I’ve been kind of focusing more on in the last year is really kind of focusing on what kinds of clothes that people actually wear in warmer climates.

Other Denim Looks:

Denim dresses have been really popular this year, I showed one this fall that I loved but didn’t buy—because, well, Florida—I just wouldn’t get the wear out of.  I’ve also seen denim coveralls that look amazing—again, I would not purchase them-too hard to use the restroom and too warm.  If I lived in a cool climate, I’d definitely grab a denim dress. 

Short denim skirts are also on-trend and are a great way to wear denim without diving into the world of denim shorts.

We’re also seeing a kind of a skirt and blazer look with a shorter skirt and you might pull on a nice cute little denim skirt to wear with a little blazer and kind of create that look. Which is also very cute.

There are so many great new looks to experiment with over the next few seasons!  After several seasons of being bored with jeans, I am inspired, and have already scored a good pair of jeans—but there is no best way of styling jeans, and no best pair—I think having several pairs of jeans to wear styled in different ways is a good thing. 

Denim Style Tips

  1. Take the time to get a great fit higher waisted jeans will help avoid the muffin top.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try high-rise jeans or straight-leg jeans.
  3. Play around with your wardrobe and create a bunch of casual outfits.
  4. Try on your jeans with various shoes to make sure you are getting the right length .
  5. Be sure to check Pinterest for great outfit ideas
  6. Don’t worry about fashion rules—they are for the birds.  If you want to develop great style, you have to experiment and take into consideration the entire look.

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Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell – Think jeans aren’t for you?  Think again. Like many women, I hate shopping for jeans. It’s a pain in the butt. So perhaps you’ve given up – convinced yourself that jeans are not for you.  Like swimsuits and bras, jeans are not a one style fits all. But with some guidance, I think you will find that jeans can be a classic staple. Find the fit for you, and you’ll have a wardrobe workhorse for life.

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF –  Dark wash, light wash, distressed, high, mid and low waisted, flares, bootcut, wide leg, skinny, curvy fit, boyfriend…so many choices with colors, fit and style!  How do you even begin?!  I’m taking the mystery out of how to style your body type and sharing my current favorite jeans!

Nancy –  Nancy’s Fashion Style – I am, and never have been, a huge denim lover. Although I have to say that I already own 3 pairs of jeans! But I did love this jumpsuit years ago, it was a bit snug so gave it away. Might have to shop for another one! I think I will love denim one day!

Nicole – High Latitude Style – This look triples on denim with the shirt skirt and booties.Unfortunately, denim or the good old blue jeans are not a good idea in winter in Alaska. It dries too slowly and hence your sweat may freeze. Therefore, denim is either a cover-up in summer in the form of a jacket or mosquito protection when gardening in the form of jeans. Ever since my college time, I had a denim skirt despite they don’t drape nicely.

Emma – The Style Splash – Until recently, I had never owned a denim dress or skirt…and then I bought two denim vintage dresses on eBay! I love the style of this dress, with the shoulder pads and embellishment. Oh, and it has pockets too!

Shelbee – Shelbee on the Edge – I am embracing the resurgence of the 90s denim trends with my oversized black distressed dad jeans. I remember wearing my dad’s jeans exactly this way 30 years ago!

Amy – Amy’s Creative Pursuits –  Denim dresses never go out of style, but they are really trending right now.  I have had this denim dress in my closet for years.  I normally wear it in the warmer months, but here I styled it for cooler temperatures.

Ada – Elegance and Mommyhood – A pair of dark wash skinny jeans will never ever go out of style – I don’t care what “the style experts” say. Dark skinny jeans are something every woman needs in her closet. I paired mine with the color of the year in a gorgeous shade of lilac.

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