Bridgerton Season 3 Is Already In the Works

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Netflix’s biggest show of 2020, Bridgerton, is back again for a second season. While the first season focused on Daphne Bridgerton and her romance with Simon Bassett (played by Rege-Jean Page). Bridgerton’s premise in the both the book series and show, however, is to see all of the Bridgerton children find love. So instead of seeing the happy couple from Season 1 and their new married life, we instead have a whole new romance to fawn over with Anthony Bridgerton.

Season 1 viewers will remember Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey), who often meddled in his sister Daphne’s love life, much to her chagrin. In Season 2, it’s Anthony’s turn to get into romantic shenanigans of his own. After facing rejection in Season 1, Anthony vowed he’d get married, but not for love. When Edwina Sharma is named the “diamond of the season” by the Queen, Anthony decides to court her. There’s only one problem: her sister Kate, who disapproves of Anthony.

While working to ingratiate himself with Edwina (and while Edwina tries to ingratiate Kate with Anthony), Anthony actually manages to fall in love with Kate. Still, he presses on, determined to follow his vow of marrying for convenience and not love. It takes a failed wedding ceremony, and a dance ball for Anthony and Kate to finally get together.

So now that you’ve binged the entirety of Bridgerton again, is there going to be a Season 3? Well, we can tell you the good news: the show is coming back for a third and fourth season, according to Deadline. Read on to find out when you can expect more bodice-ripping romance.

When Will Season 3 of Bridgerton Be Out?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shonda Rhimes (a producer on the show) revealed Season 3 is already being written, but she won’t share which Bridgerton sibling the show will focus on next. Overall though, we can expect to see yet another of the noble family members find love just like previous seasons.

If we’re going by previous premiere dates, the first season of Bridgerton premiered in winter 2020, and the second season came out in spring of 2022, possibly delayed by the pandemic. Fingers crossed, but we’re guessing there could be more Bridgerton in Spring or Summer 2023 if all goes well.

What Will Season 3 of Bridgerton Be About?

In the book series, the next sibling to get matched up is Benedict Bridgerton. Still, there’s eight Bridgerton siblings total, so the show could still deviate at any moment from the order set out in the books.

If it does focus on Benedict Bridgerton, as IndieWire reports, the season will concern something akin to a Cinderella love story with Benedict and his bride-to-be Sophie. The two will even need a little help from Lady Whistledown herself to withstand the all the drama they’ll go through to get together.

Regardless of who the show focuses on, there’s also some minor plots throughout that’ll definitely come up next season. Yet another person knows of Lady Whistledown’s true identity, for example, and we’ll have to see how the gossip columnist will continue to stay anonymous while influencing the lives of London’s elite.

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