Challenging Workplace Bias: Menopause In A Professional Setting

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How Madeline Challenged Workplace Bias

“I’ve always been very… scatterbrained. I get overloaded very easily. I don’t have clinical ADD, but more of a poor executive functioning skill that has become worse thanks to menopause.

I would say I’m doing an adequate job at work (I’m a lawyer), my high level thinking is fine. However, I tend to have trouble with the million little details, emails, etc thanks to the brain fog, courtesy of menopause..

But let me tell you something very important. 

Even though I tend to get sloppy sometimes with my written work, I get a LOT of excellent feedback from colleagues and clients that even I was surprised by. 

They all appreciate, & applauded my skills in the emotional IQ area. Winning over people. Calming them. Being authoritative but pleasant. All my 25 year old colleagues want these skills MORE than eagle eyed proofing skills. 

And those skills come from being older. It takes time to work out what matters and help other people see it. In terms of my work focus, I still have had to make a conscious effort. I just get my work checked by another person before I submit it, just in case my brain fog decides to act up.

However, I believe the experiences that come with age are as valuable, if not more, than the benefits of youth.”

– Madeline T, 42

Workplace bias is still rampant in our society.

This senseless bias against women in the workplace just because they’re liable to maternity leave, or have to deal with a whirlpool of symptoms — just doesn’t make sense.

Because like how Madeline shined bright in her role, we believe women are an asset to the team, menopausal or not.

In fact, we believe that they can be as valuable, or even more, than their younger or male counterparts.

They perform as well as, or even better than others while dealing with…

Dealing with menopausal symptoms that can be unbearable while working. 

Imagine having to type reports or to move products while under the effects of a hot flash — and still getting the work done. Now that’s what I call professionalism.

However, when symptoms start to get out of control, there are ways for women to level the playing field, so to speak. With some help, they can manage their menopausal symptoms easily, allowing them to feel like their usual selves again.

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