Easter Care Package

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What to Put in an Easter Care Package

Add some Plastic Easter Eggs. For my son’s packages, I stuffed each egg with money. One son has to use coin operated laundry machines, so plastic eggs are a great place to put quarters.I also made a box for a relative who is serving oversees in the military. I put candy in his plastic eggs.

And no Easter basket or care package is complete without a Chocolate Bunny.

Finish off your care package with any other Easter themed items you would like. I used Goldfish crackers and other candy. Seasonal school supplies, scented candles, or bath items would also be great – anything that brings some beautiful color to the box.

You will have them hopping around their dorm room or apartment on Easter morning with a few treats from you to remind them how much you love them.

For more fun ideas of what to put in an Easter Care Package: Gift Guide for a Teen’s Easter Basket

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