Let’s Just Say Tuesday, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:03am

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I am sure I have told you that the women in my family enjoy, and are generally good at, making group decisions. To the point where one of us was nicknamed by her loving husband, “Plannerina.” We all like to review information, just deeply enough, mind you, as to see patterns emerge. We enjoy sourcing others’ opinions, albeit quickly so as to maintain a glorious momentum towards the Time for Action When Nattering Has Ceased.

One could say that we have liked to take the reins. But the pandemic has brought a secondary epidemic of I Don’t Care You Decide, accompanied by her craven handmaiden, Oh To Heck With It Let’s Just Say Tuesday. Otherwise known as decision fatigue. Any of you suffering from it?

It’s understandable, for everyone. Two years of trying to make our way through a deadly natural disaster–information absent, information trickling in, policies established, policies unestablished, all the stuff you know so well I can’t imagine you’re still reading, well, those neurons are pretty darn tired of firing.

It’s not all bad, this. Tuesday may be the wrong day, but on the other hand, responsibility has been shared and weakness confessed.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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