Mature Style: Ways to Wear a Crochet Top

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There are many ways to wear a crochet top and don’t think they all are about exposing ourselves. Sure, maybe the term crochet top brings back memories of the 60s and 70s with the bare midriff and spaghetti straps.
Yet that’s the best thing about shopping now. There are a ton of different varieties, and many work wonderfully for the mature woman.

Quote of the day: “My dear, all the rules are fake. Do you.” @jadorefashion

I saw this quote posted on Instagram recently and had to share it here. In fact, it makes me wonder how fashion came to have rules in the first place.
Now don’t get me wrong, rules can be wonderful for keeping society from turning upside down, but the whole idea of fashion is to express ourselves with clothing.

And since we are all such individualistic humans, the idea that there is a rule against wearing this or that is pure hogwash. (That’s one of my favorite words lately, so I apologize for overusing it).
Rules are things that make us be like everyone, yet the idea of style is unique. Therefore, let’s start having fun with our clothing.

So instead, let’s talk about ways to wear a crochet top that would work for women of all ages and sizes. It’s part of the idea that spring trends are fun for anyone.
Did you see my favorite spring trends for this new season? Lesley wore one that she wasn’t too sure about and I showcased a spring print in a totally different way.

Ways to wear a crochet top with print jeans

Jeans: Chicos-thrifted ~~Top: Jacket Society~~ Shoes: Jambu Erin” c/o~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Cruise Club~~Hat: borrowed from me

Ways to Wear a Crochet Top

Just because we are talking about ways to wear a crochet top, that doesn’t mean the entire top has to be see-through. In fact, a crochet trim is sometimes the most popular detail I see when I google crochet tops.

This top is a soft yellow that I originally bought for myself years ago from a friend who owns an online boutique. However, it was a tad big on me, so I gave it to my mom. What I liked about it is how the elastic neckline can be converted to an off-the-shoulder style also.
Granted Charlotte will never wear it that way, but that’s what I was thinking when I ordered it.

The reason that crochet tops are ideal for the springtime is because of the “natural air-conditioning” that they provide with the openings.
Heck, even with crochet tops that are open throughout the entire piece, it’s the perfect time to wear your camis.

Insider tip: Do you always feel the need to cover your arms as you age? Not that I believe it’s important, but this is one way to be “covered” and yet stay cool.

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Intentional style with a large top

How to Style a Long, Boxy Top

One of the issues with many of the tops we buy is they just hang. It’s not like I want them to sit up, beg and bark on command. But when they are big and boxy, they have nothing of interest in them.

That’s one of the reasons why the half-tuck became so popular. It changes the horizontal boring line of the shirt to create something different.
Now when I say half-tuck, that doesn’t mean it has to be tucked in the middle of your body. In fact, check out how both Lesley and Charlotte have used the trick.

Other half-tuck options:

The advantage to “doing” something with a boxy tee like this is you’ve basically created an asymmetrical hemline. So what? you might say.
But this makes the top better because it’s more interesting and a tad more fitted without being tight. It’s the opposite of looking sloppy.

Insider tip: Depending on the thickness of the material, I use either a clear elastic band or hair elastic for this trick.

The Extras

With the crochet detailing at the neckline, Charlotte decided to forgo any necklace. Instead, she concentrated on colorful earrings and a bright purse instead. The hat was the cherry on top.

These yellow tassel earrings are a brighter hue than the crochet top, yet tie in wonderfully with the gold in the pants and the mustard yellow of the sneakers.

The purse is a wonderfully different color than the others in the outfit, yet in all reality, it’s another blue. It’s a brighter blue that stands out and creates a fun pop of interest.

You might have noticed that in the specifics of the clothing, the hat was borrowed from me. We were heading for an outside adventure at the Japenese Friendship Garden and we take the sun seriously here in Arizona.
But don’t you think that this navy and cream hat is perfect with this outfit?? I really like how the navy frames my mom’s face!

Ways to wear a crochet top in spring
Yellow sneakers and print jeans

Yellow Sneakers

When you find a great pair of shoes for walking, you tend to wear them a lot. That’s always the case with our options from either Walking Cradles or Jambu. They have become our go-to shoes for all of the exploring we do.
That’s not to say there aren’t other companies that have comfortable shoes. These are just the two that we have worked with the most. (As witnessed with this post where Lesley wore Walking Cradles and both mom and I wore Jambu shoes).

Insider tip: I’ve shared more than 4 companies that have what I consider comfy and stylish shoes.

You may think that yellow shoes would be hard to style, and I would have to say that’s incorrect. In fact, the original trio of the blog all styled yellow shoes back over 5 years ago. I feel like even if you don’t wear much yellow, it’s such a pop of color to include in almost any look.

Charlotte tends to still “match” her shoes to her outfit, but you can see the very different degrees of yellow in this look vs her first time styling these shoes here.
In fact, did you notice how the shoes have almost the same cutout design as the crochet trim of the top? A match made in heaven.

Wearing a hat with a crochet top

What to Wear with the Crochet Top

Of course, any pants, jeans, skirt, or dress would go with your crochet top. I love how Charlotte paired her light yellow crochet trim top with her floral print jeans.
These jeans are a thrift purchase that I did twist her arm to purchase. Yet she’s worn them now a couple of times (did you see them here?) and I think they are amazing.

Ways to wear a crochet top over 80

Ways to Wear a Crochet Top and More

So all three of us wore one of the spring trends you’ll be seeing again and again. We made the trends work for us even though we are all older and different in size and what we like.
That’s why when people ask if you like wearing trends, I always say yes!! Why shouldn’t I be able to grab one of the new trends and give it a go?

I’d love to hear if any of these trends are something you can’t wait to try. And how you will make it work for you. Just like the quote at the top. “Do you.” Let’s embrace the fact that each of us is as unique as our fingerprints.

Spring trends with ways to wear a crochet top

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?

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