Monday Musings- Updating Our House

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Happy Monday ladies. We’ve lived in this house for almost 3 years and I’ve finally decided it’s time to decorate it. We did some bare minimum fixes when we first moved in because the previous owners had let things really fall apart and the kitchen was awful.

pantry after renovation with pull out shelves updating our house

I adored our previous home because we’d gutted and replaced everything to our liking. Since I’m pretty persnickety about how things look, it hasn’t been easy living with someone else’s bad taste. It was really starting to bug me so we’ve decided to give the place a small facelift.

Our bedroom drapes went up last month and I’m shocked at how much joy they give me. I knew I detested the previous owner’s vertical blinds that clanged together and were 4″ too short for the french doors but I hadn’t realized just how badly they made me feel.

updating our house with linen drapes

My living room drapes finally went up last week and reminded me how much a little fabric can improve a room. I opted for these Belgium Linen Drapes in Ivory with this rod in 1.25″ diameter and added these Mercury Glass finials.

I cropped the photo to hide the mess my husbands’ delicious dinner was making of the counters 🙂

This house is configured very differently than our previous home so things are in weird places. We had to hang our antique entryway chandelier over the kitchen table which is not my first choice, but at least it’s out of a box and I’m reminded that I like it.

Our bathroom renovation is progressing slowly and I find myself choosing classic rather than fancy or modern. I decided on plain white subway tile for the shower with a simple pebble mosaic for the shower nitch. I’ll share photos as we get further along.



I love Fiona Davis so I jumped to buy her latest that was just released. Sadly, the paperback is more than the hardcover, so I will be toting a heavier book to Mexico than I wanted. This one has great reviews so I will have to control myself from starting it before we leave.

In the meantime, I am listening to The Blue Zones Solution and reexamining my pantry with a careful eye. In retrospect, I should have ordered the paperback because there are lots of things I would have been highlighting so I could revisit them.

What are you reading these days?

Talbots is having a Spring Style Event with 25% off your entire purchase! Here’s some of what I found-

Thanks for reading me 🙂 and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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