My Key to Thrift Shopping Fun

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Key to Thrift Shopping

Happy Monday, ladies!! Welcome to my discussion of the key to thrift shopping fun.

Recently, I shared with you a post with 4 Tips to Successful Thrift Shopping.

However, I left out the key to thrift shopping fun…and it really can be so much fun!


Key to Thrift Shopping Fun

All of the tips I offered you before are very important to thrift shopping success, but I always have fun.

In thinking over my many, many trips to Goodwill San Antonio locations, I believe the key to thrift shopping fun is to go in looking for unique, special pieces we do not find other places.

I enjoy the fact that I can experiment with color, styles, prints and discover new ways to use items by shopping thrift.  It expands my imagination!

Today I am wearing a Land’s End Coral Shirtdress as a topper; a scarf of warm colors; bracelets; and a fun beaded shopping bag all found at Goodwill San Antonio.

I will use the beaded bag for small grocery items or the pharmacy…over the provided plastic bags!

Key to Thrift Shopping

The minute I walk in….I am on a hunt for special items and especially open to unique, fun ones.

This works for all departments…clothing, home, kids, and accessories.

Key to Thrift Shopping

When I find the unique items that are new or like-new, then they are worthy of consideration.

I often have more in my cart than I am going to purchase, because there are always items I want to think about while I peruse other items in the store.

I also use it as an opportunity to try different sizes and shapes.

Then I return to the shelves what I have decided will not work.

Key to Thrift Shopping

The beaded bag was $4, and worth it to me as a bag I can enjoy…even if just for shopping out and about.

Thrift Shopping feeds my creative, dramatic, artisan side of fashion….and I really like it.

The scarf is one of two I found at my recent trip, and then there were these new KEDS that I am so excited about….I guess someone did not want to return them to the store.  

Though new, I still wiped them down with disinfectant wipes!

Key to Thrift Shopping

So, when you go, look for the really unique, special pieces that you might not normally shop for in the higher priced places…

the key to thrift shopping is to keep your imagination and mind open to new possibilities.

Has anyone had thrifting success recently?  For those in the area of San Antonio, please join me having fun at Goodwill San Antonio.

Springtime is in full bloom in San Antonio and it is gorgeous.  I hope where you are the air is feeling fresher and the landscape looking brighter….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided gift cards for shopping Goodwill San Antonio and then sharing with you what I discover!

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