Shopping Chico’s with Leigh & Me

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Shopping Chico's

Happy first day of Spring!  Let’s celebrate by taking you Shopping Chico’s with Leigh & Me.

Yesterday, we entered the weekend with an explosion of color, and we are going to keep that going today while shopping Chico’s.

Color just brightens up our spring and summer after a dreary winter which followed two dreary years!

Shopping Chico’s seemed one of the best places to begin a new season of bright colors and prints.

Please remember, we often try on clothing in colors for the audience….not necessarily for us…so you will see a mixture.


Shopping Chico's

Leigh Ann began with this fun pair of So Slimming Girlfriend Patch Ankle Jeans, and she is wearing size 1R.

You can see a touch of leopard print in the pants, so she actually liked this SOMA Cool Nights Crewneck Pajama Tee as a top.  Why Not?

Let me comment here about the lights in the store…they are just not the best for photos and you will see that throughout the post.

I said it here because the jacket looks pink and it is not…it is coral.  She first tried these pants with the Peplum Denim Jacket in Pale Coral.

I took this picture so you could see the cute patchwork pocket in the back.

Shopping Chicos

We both thought the first jacket completed a super cute look, and liked it also with the Twill Utility Jacket in Pale Coral.

Leigh Ann liked the second jacket better and thought it to be more her style.

Shopping Chico's

First allow me to explain my really full hair…this was done the day before my regular appointment and it can get bushy right before!

For my first look, I selected the Colorful Journey Printed Poncho. 

I am wearing it with the So Slimming Girlfriend Fringe Ankle Jeans. They are super cute!

I do want to note, that I was looking for the Paradise Lily Embellished Poncho…looks like a fabulous piece and something I would love.  However, it was not in store.


Shopping Chico's

Shopping Chico's

We both absolutely loved these So Slimming Beaded Girlfriend Crops on Leigh Ann.  She is wearing size 0.5 and it fits more like an ankle pants than a crop on her.

But, they looked great on her and would be so fun for a special occasion.  She tried them with the Pullover Floral Sweater.

Shopping Chico's

I really like these pants!  They are the Brigitte So Slimming 360 Ankle Pants in Envy Green.  

Believe it or not, a lot of fun combinations can be done with green pants and this is a great color and they are super light and comfy.

I am wearing them with the Tank Sweater in Neutral (ON SALE $39); under the Ruana Wrap which I sized down to wear. 


Shopping Chicos's

We are seeing explosions of color all over, and with “creative” in my adjectives, I am loving it!

Leigh Ann is wearing the So Slimming Girlfriend Fringe Ankle Jean which is longer on her than me (from above).  She has on a 1R.

She is wearing the Refined Jersey Center-Seam Tunic….however, I could not locate this exact print online…sometimes it is a task to match up the garments!

Shopping Chico's

I really like the Wild Print Ruana Wrap…with all of these colors you could pair it with many different items.  I sized down to S/M…it is generous.


Shopping Chico's

I really liked the A-line Popover Dress and one like this would get me through some warm weather.  This is on my wish list for sure.

Shopping Chico's

I also liked this Denim Tunic…soft, comfy frabic.

It looked very cute with the So Slimming Girlfriend Frayed Ankle Jeans….it is such a cute striped jean.

Despite the challenges with the lighting, the colors are fabulous and the variety of choices abundant.  

A lot of fun items to get us excited for the warmer weather ahead.

Thank you for spending the first day of spring with us!  I have more fun happening this week….look for the flowers and by all means….


By Pamela Lutrell

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