Spring 2022: Warm colors at JJILL

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warm colors at JJILL

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to my report on shopping for Spring 2022 and discovering warm colors at JJILL.

I am so pleased…and a little surprised…to see  many colors for us autumn -palette- ladies this spring…and JJILL did it well!

warm colors at JJILL

These warm colors at JJILL are rich and many are vibrant.

I love the ones called pottery, chutney, ocean, goldenrod, oatmeal heather, chamomile heather, green papaya, coriander, and toffee.  

So warm and lovely.


Warm colors and JJILL

I really liked this Pure Jill Linen Patch-Pocket Shirt Dress.

I am watching it closely to see if I can pick it up on sale…but it is a great dress for warmer weather and for warmer colors.

But, if you don’t like wrinkles in linen, then this is not the one for you! 

Warm Colors at JJILL

In yesterday’s post, I showed you this  PLEATED BUTTON-FRONT DRESS in a color called Dark Green Papaya. 

I have worn it as a dress and as a topper as I pictured here….I like this knit…the way it feels and the way it does not wrinkle.  

I am really enjoying shirt dresses this year and the versatility.

Warm colors at JJILL

The Wearever Relaxed Two-Pocket Tee shirt Dress is a great easy style for spring and summer.

I love this vibrant “pottery” color and the print is called pottery vine jacobean.  But, never fear, it is available in colors best for winter-palettes.

Warm Colors at JJILL

This little dress is comfy and cute…but not for me.

This is the Pure Jill Buttoned Back T-Shirt Dress.…very comfy.

It is a little washed out for me (a Vibrant Autumn) and I have a night shirt in a similar print.


Warm Colors at JJILL

I love this color and hope JJILL will produce more options in it…it is called Goldenrod and is more of a rich saffron yellow.

On their website, it looks brown…but it is in the yellow family for sure.  This is the Wearever Double-Face Jersey Cuffed Sleeve Top.

Warm Colors at JJILL

I wore this top as a shacket in order to show you both of these colors.

The tank is the Wearever Easy A-line tank in Pottery…such a great color.

Over it I am wearing,  the Soft & Easy Patch Pocket Shirt in Toffee.

Just for me, being a curvy lady, I do not care for the pocket placement here on my girls….but I do like the toffee color and hope to see more offered in it.

That was all I had to show you on this trip, but hope to return soon and I want to thank JJILL for these luscious warm colors going into spring……


warm colors

This week I want to share with you some of my favorites in my new healthy eating plan and I noticed the warm colors as I took the pictures!

This is a favorite breakfast: Good Culture Cottage Cheese (I like peach and pineapple); mixed with a  1/4 teaspoon of this Beet Root Powder.

I have danced with many beet powder dogs, but I love this one….it does not have a heavy beet taste and is super healthy.

Warm colors

I stir that mixture with a shake of Saigon Cinnamon, and top it with fresh strawberries…a fave and only 3 points in the WW app.

Love it for breakfast after a workout. 

Warm colors

There’s that saffron yellow right in my refrigerator.

I like to keep a pitcher of water with either oranges, lemons or limes in the water.  Then I will refill my cup all day long!

I hope little tips like this help encourage the rest of you on your own healthy eating plan.

Thank you for being here today…as always, let me know if you have questions and make sure that you……


By Pamela Lutrell

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Warm Colors

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