Spring Refresh: Fashion, Decor and Adjectives

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Spring Refresh

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Welcome to a discussion on a Spring Refresh: Fashion, Decor and Adjectives.

Spring is the time of year when most are ready to refresh their lives…at least just a touch.

I have done a spring refresh with my fashion and decor…and today want to deepen our discussion on The Foundational Five Personal Style Building Blocks, (style adjectives).


Spring Refresh

After dreary winter months, I think most of us are ready for a Spring Refresh with our fashion.

One of my goals this spring is to add more green to my wardrobe.  It is a challenge for me though to find the “right” green.

Spring Refresh

You can see my greens here…grass green, sage, moss green, and pistachio.

The outfit I am wearing today comes very close to the grass green.  I purchased this knit top at Talbot’s at the end of the Red Hangar Sale, so it was $16.

The kimono is originally from Marshall’s.  I have recently found some very affordable kimono options at DSW, Tuesday Morning, and TJ Maxx.

The yellow necklace is an oldie but goodie from Soft Surroundings, and these are my new fave a.n.a. high rise skinny jeggings…love the fit!

The pants are my favorite Spring Refresh so far!  I continue to be amazed and pleased by the warm colors I see in-store in spring collections.

Here are additional items I have seen on the market….(I know I have curated green before, but it different shades are in many places so far this year)


Spring Refresh

I do not change my Foundational Five style adjectives from season to season, but the spring refresh is for some of you.

After my first new video,  Develop Personal Style that is Uniquely You,  where I explained the five adjectives, I heard from a few readers.

There were some still struggling with selecting what they want to communicate with their style; and there were some who needed more guidance with interpreting their adjectives.

If you are still deciding what you want your adjectives to be and what you want to tell the world about you with the clothing you wear, do this little exercise…..

Spring Refresh

Put on your favorite outfit…make sure that it is one you love and feel confident wearing.

Spend some time in the mirror looking long and hard at it…WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THAT OUTFIT?

Write it down using adjectives and then see what you have before you. If you only have four…that is fine…

But, note the adjectives which can help you build a wardrobe so that you look this confident every day!

Then, each time you leave the house, ask…does what I am wearing speak these adjectives.

If your answer is yes…and you can smile at yourself in the mirror…then go out with confidence!!

Spring Refresh

Now, for the second group…the ones who need assistance communicating the adjectives you want to say with your clothing.

I have done this before, and it was so much fun.  

Either tell me your adjectives in today’s comments or email them to me at

Then I will put together a slideshow of clothing on the market and show you how I would interpret your adjectives.

It is a fun exercise for both of us!  I will email you and let you know the day I am going to post your personal slideshow!

This is a great way to help others also select their own adjectives.

If you have done this before, and your adjectives have changed…then, please, send me the new ones.

It also helps to know your body type…and color palette (cool or warm) in order to hit what you might like the most.

Always let me know if you have questions….


Spring Refresh

It seems my home always can use a bit of a spring refresh when weather changes.

In the first picture, you are seeing that I completely refresh my front porch.

This year, I added a couple of new water resistant pillows I found at Marshall’s.

Spring Refresh

I love flowers in my house this time of year, but the flowers in our markets have been incredibly expensive.

So, this year, I purchased potted flowers at the nursery.  They are way less expensive, and last longer…I am loving having them in the house.

I am looking for more ways this year to save money and still get the same feeling in my home.  These potted plants are a wonderful option.

My spring refresh is all about JOY…with my personal and home style.

Does anyone else have tips for home decor savings this spring?  We would love to hear them…how is your spring refresh going?


Spring Refresh

I am so honored to be featured today on Cindy Hattersley Design Blog in her Ageless Style Feature…you will learn more about me if you check it out.

Thanks to Cindy for this recognition!!

I have exciting news for April 1….a little bit of an April Fool’s message connected to fashion…hope you will join me tomorrow…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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