Tips for Confident Style in Retirement + A Winner!

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Confident Style in Retirement

Happy sliding-into-spring Friday!!  Today, we are discussing Tips for Confident Style in Retirement plus announcing a winner of our Spring Giveaway!!

I believe with everything in me that retirement and our second half of life is a critically important time for women.

We are needed now more than ever to be active in our families and communities.  To lead and participate in non-profits, to speak about key issues, and to share our wisdom and experiences with family members.

There is so much happening in the world, that we should not sit idle. 

So, confident style becomes empowering in order to drive us forward and give us the confidence to not be on the sidelines.


Confident Style in Retirement

Though I am not fully retired, I have left the professional office life behind…and was excited to do so.

My confident style is built upon my Foundational Five adjectives: Joyful, approachable, creative, polished current.

This outfit speaks my adjectives perfectly, and my Vibrant Autumn colors as well.

When I first saw this Button-Front Mini Shirtdress in the neutral motif at Anthropologie, I was Immediately in love!

One of the reasons I am drawn to Anthropologie is that my own “Uniquely You” confident style is based on creativity, artisan, dramatic pieces.

It was worth it to me to splurge on a special piece like this….and I will wear it often to many different places.  I only do this if it checks all of my boxes.

I am styling it here with a burnt orange V-neck Universal Thread Tee from Target…I like this brand at Target for casual, soft, good fitting tee tops.

I am also wearing a vintage Chico’s necklace and have many fun necklaces I can wear with this top to mix it up.

This is ME.  I feel very confident out and about in a look like this.  I know it is not for everyone, but the point is for you to find what gives you confidence during this important time of life.

If you can smile at yourself when you leave the house, then you will be confident and comfortable to take on anything. 


Confident Style in Retirement

Surprise, the tips for confident style during retirement are discussed by me in my latest video, and this one is shorter than the first.

A reader asked how to get a YouTube Account so she could subscribe to my newly active channel.

It is super easy….

  1. Go to Youtube’s home page or to the page with my video.
  2. In the top right, click Sign In.
  3. Then Click, create an account.

That’s it.  Then when you want to subscribe for a channel just push the button on the video…you will see mine clearly this time.

Please remember that I am attempting to build this channel and need subscribers and listeners to do so….sharing it is a blessing to me.

So, let’s talk retirement…..


Confident Style in Retiirement

Congratulations, Paulette!  And thank you to all who entered and left such encouraging comments…it blessed me so much.

Yes, the entries were in a little football helmet from when I supported my sons’ teams…it was the only hat I found in my office at the time.

Paulette, email me….I need your mailing address and I can get these fun items off to you!

I will do this again…we have now had one Canadian winner and one US winner…who knows where the next giveaway will go!!

Please leave me a comment on the video with any thoughts or questions about creating your own confident style.

And……..always, always……


By Pamela Lutrell

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