Turn Your Patio Into a Hangout Oasis with Neighbor’s Outdoor Furniture Sale

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We’ve collectively spent far too much time trapped indoors over the last couple of years. With pandemic restrictions loosening and, in many cases, lifting entirely, it’s time to get back outside. But you don’t necessarily have to go far — not so long as you have a backyard (or patio or balcony) and some reliable, durable, comfortable furniture to fill it. If you need help with that latter bit, we’ve got some great news: Neighbor is having its spring outdoor furniture sale right now.

The Sofa



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All you have to do to access the sale is punch in code SPRING200 and you can save up to $200 on any order of $2,500 or more — and while that doesn’t seem like a ton, every dollar counts on these big-ticket purchases. And trust us, once you see Neighbor’s straightforward-named offerings — like The Sofa or The Sectional — you’ll be pining to have a lounge in them. Of course, it helps that they’re all made from timeless high-quality, durable, weatherproof, sustainable materials, like teak wood (or recycled plastic, in the case of the Low Chair).

Low Chair



Regardless of which piece (or pieces) you choose, you’re sure to find yourself drawn again and again to your outdoor space — and you might even want to start inviting people over to enjoy it with you. But this sale is not long for this world, so act quickly.

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