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In a recent post, Brenda suggested if we wear tight leggings, some of us might want to cover our bums. Unfortunately that’s true, because there comes a time when we might want to cover the things that don’t look as nice as they did when we were young, perky, and had lots of strong collagen. When I look in the mirror, I can tip my head, smile, cross my legs just so, and I think I look pretty good, even at 67. 

But grab another mirror, turn around, and it’s quite a different story.

Did you know that as we age, all of the discs in our spine dehydrate and slowly lose their fluid? This process shortens our spine and it’s responsible for some of our loss in height. Our discs compress for the same reason our faces wrinkle and our breasts sag: the loss of integrity of our collagen. It can’t be stopped and certainly not reversed. Yes, there are surgeries where they can stick a spacer between two vertebrae, but you can’t do that to every single disc space. 

And no, hyaluronic acid won’t fix it.

Then there’s the cute little swayed butt we had when we were younger. As we age, that curve begins to flatten because a couple of the discs at the bottom of our spine are trapezoidal, not rectangular, and they dry out. Also for the purpose of having babies, the female pelvis is relatively wide. Add that natural structure to the loss of gluteal muscle mass, and we wind up with a wide flat butt. Men get flat butts too, but they start with greater muscle mass, and a narrower pelvis. And we don’t seem to care… because we like their sense of humor and their eyes… 

There is no vitamin or cream or surgery that will stop the aging process. Aging is bone deep. We can slow a little muscle mass loss, but do so at your own peril, because as we age, squats and aggressive exercise have their costs. Those efforts usually don’t make our butt look like it once did, plus they can result in knee and back pain. They’re why I have a job, and as an orthopedic surgeon, I recommend loving acceptance of our butts. This thing that has brought us so far. I also prescribe wearing longer tops, instead of trying to lose more weight and build up our butt muscles.  

So, that’s what happens to women’s butts after 50. And yes, it may be easier to cover them.

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