What I wore last week

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What I wore

Happy Monday!  Welcome to a synopsis of What I wore last week!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I began some much needed attention to my plants outside and started to pot some new flowers and bring a little springtime in.

I will not show you what I wore for that! But, I was busy doing other things….so let’s get started!


What I wore

Leigh Ann and I met up with the fun ladies we worked out with at the gym for years. 

Sadly, the pandemic brought that to a screeching halt, so we have needed to be more purposeful to get together.

We always have fun and these ladies were instrumental into getting me into strength training.  I will be forever grateful to them.

What I wore

We met out in the Texas hill country for a very, very casual Texas dinner at the Antler’s Cafe.

I wore what I have on in the first picture.  I love this Chico’s denim jacket in a soft off-white.  I am so glad I picked one up a couple of years ago.

Now, that I do not wear stark white, this one is proving valuable and I wear it often with my Chico’s jeggings.

I paired it with my new Spring Bloom Every Day tee shirt from Loft; an older necklace and my gold metallic sneakers.

I felt polished, yet, appropriately casual.


What I wore

On St. Patrick’s Day, I needed to head out to my favorite mall, and decided to wear a little green in case I ran into people I know.

What I wore on this trip was the jacket again; the green striped tee shirt and shoes from my BLAIR POST ; and a fun springtime colorful scarf.

I am a big fan of this tee and the shoes and will get much mileage from both.


What I wore

For going out later with a friend,  I wore a dress…but with leggings!

My legs were not quite ready for primetime yet!  I actually like a look like this when the weather is cooler.

This is the PLEATED BUTTON-FRONT DRESS in a color called Dark Green Papaya.  I love the color and comfort of this dress! 

It went perfectly with my old scarf from Johnny Was…which was a gift for writing about them.

I will have more for you later in the week from JJILL.


What I wore

What I wore to the dentist always includes a thought about comfort and wearing clothing that does not wrinkle in the chair.

This is the Loft Patchwork Bloom Every day Pocket Shirt that I told you Leigh Ann and I both purchased.  The fabric wears and feels wonderful.

I put it on with a Talbot’s navy cardigan; red beads from Soft Surroundings;  and my pull on Talbot’s Jeggings.   Navy cardigans currently at Talbot’s.

My old one is a little large on me now…I need to keep my eyes open for a new one!

What I wore

Let me add here that I love wearing gold sneakers!  I am so glad that I added them when my colors were confirmed.

I encourage all of you autumn-ladies to add gold metallic shoes to your wardrobe.

Here are some for you to see…..

What I wore

Here is how Leigh Ann wore her shirt a couple of days later….we were practically twins!

What I wore

I am going to post some of things I have been eating recently now that I have returned to the Weight Watcher’s App.

I am just one of those people who can be successful if I log it in and now that the app syncs with my Fit Bit, I am really enjoying it.

When I went out with my work-out friends, I ate the grilled shrimp, pinto beans, and friend okra.  This meal was only 5 points…and it was all okra…but I had it to give!

I left behind the Texas Toast…which is difficult, but somehow easier this time and I chose to only drink water and not wine or beer.  Success in eating out!

I will show you some of the products this week that I am really enjoying on my new plan.

It is not a diet to me, but finally a way for me to become a healthy eater and have it stick.  I feel like my bad habits are beginning to melt away.

I hope you enjoyed this report on What I Wore Last Week and that it gives you ideas on how to transition to spring where you are!

Let me know if you have any questions….and hopefully I will see you tomorrow….now make sure that you ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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