Why Every Menopausal Women Needs Thermogenic Probiotics In Their Daily Diet

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Most people know it’s great for digestion and stomach problems.

These good bacteria multiply in our body, and help support our gut and immune system.

But is that all they can do?

There exists special strains of probiotics that have weight management properties

Also known as — thermogenic probiotics.

What are Thermogenic Probiotics?

Thermogenic Probiotics are specific strains of good bacteria that have been studied to ease cravingsboost metabolismmanage calorie absorption and break down fat cells.

In other words, these gut bacteria mirror the positive effects of thermogenic supplements for weight management — like green tea extract, caffeine and capsicum without the negative thermogenic side effects like:


  • Headaches
  • Elevated heart rates
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Constipation


Some of these natural thermogenic strains – L. Gasseri, B. Breve and B. Lactis – are commonly found in certain types of milk, cottage cheese, kombucha, sauerkraut and specific yogurts.

Studies on Thermogenic Probiotics


Study 1

In 2015, scientists in Japan researching the effects of a probiotic strain (L. Gasseri SBT 2055) ran a study where 210 people ingested the L. Gasseri strain with fermented milk for a period of 12 weeks.


The subjects were instructed not to make big changes to their diet and exercise routines to keep the variables consistent.


Their findings:

On average, the 210 people experienced positive results with an 8.5% impact on belly fat. (specifically around their midsection).


Study 2

In a study which analyzed why some pairs of identical twins have significant differences in body weight, one pair of identical twins yielded curious results.


The identical twins in question had the same genes, grew up in the same environment and ate the same diet. Yet one twin was overweight while the other stayed slim.


Their findings:

The researchers found that this could be due to the twins having different types of gut bacteria combination.


In particular, the slimmer twins had certain types of thermogenic gut bacteria which helped them to remain slim..

Why menopausal women should include Thermogenic Probiotics in their daily diet.


It’s simple — to help them manage their weight naturally!


Menopausal women are familiar with the weight gain they experience after going through hormonal changes…


And many find it impossible to get rid of, even with diets and regular exercise.


So, if you are struggling with menopausal weight gain, why not try adding thermogenic probiotics into your diet?


Thermogenic probiotics help boost metabolismcalorie-burn and reduce stubborn fat naturally…


And can be found in our best selling probiotic supplement — Provitalize

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