4 Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #2

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Favorite Spring Jacket

Welcome back to my little mini-series about my 4 favorite spring jackets….and today is Look #2.

When I placed the word polished in my style adjectives it was there for looks just like the ones I am sharing now..

I just believe even a loose fitting, jacket styled to be oversized can add a touch of polish to our style.

Also, below, is today’s style adjectives for another reader ….Marcia.


Favorite Spring Jacket

Yes, you have seen it before and I am wearing it often….

This is the  New Day Women’s Linen Blazer at Target in Orangeit had to be in my favorite spring jackets….just love it.

One of the readers who saw this jacket on me last week went to Target to try it on and said that I undersold it!

Sorry about that ….it is a great jacket…and so affordable.

Here is what reader, Suzi, wrote, “Update. I have been on the hunt for the current trend of oversized linen blazer. Just not willing to spend over $100 to see if it works for me. Sooooo I located your orange blazer in a local Target and tried it on. Oh my Pam you undersold this blazer! It is perfection, color, material, construction, the lined panels and it hangs beautifully; at 1/3 the cost. I’m 5’3” with short waist and broad shoulders. (Just regret I didn’t order thru your link.). Thank you for what you do.”

The lining is beautiful and well done…so for $34.99…my cost per wear is plummeting downward!

Thanks to Suzi for sharing her insights!


Favorite Spring Jacket #2

Most of today’s look is from my wardrobe.  The Chico’s cuff and Soft Surroundings necklace have been in my collection for a long time.

The Chico’s reversible tank is perfect for this jacket…no matter what side I wear it on.  I believe this was a spring piece from three years ago.

Still online are:

Denim Pull-On Jeggings in Dark Rainier Indigo

Sarna Wedge Fit Flop Sandal in Rose Gold

I decided this Spring to enhance many of my warmer looks with rose gold…I think it adds such a lighter, nice touch to what I wear in warmer weather.

Just say I am “springifying” my autumn looks….yes, I created that word!

There are so many fun rose gold selections right now…here are a few….

Also, we discussed wearing brown on the post Saturday, and accessories are a great way to sneak a little brown into your style.


Favorite Spring Jackets

It is always fun for me to select pieces for readers in order to communicate what they want to say with their personal style.

We started yesterday, so this is day two and the reader we are meeting is Marcia.

Here is what I know…Marcia has a birthday this month and will turn 70! (Happy Birthday to you!

She wants to tell the world that she is classic, tailored, feminine, and fun.   Four adjectives work just as well.

She is a winter/cool colored lady and small framed. She retired five years ago, and wants her retirement style to be more put together…I see casual chic!

Marcia, here is your slideshow…let me know what you think!

So glad you are joining us for this favorite spring jacket series this week…are you wearing jackets this spring for casual chic styling…let us know!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Favorite Spring Jackets


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