7 tips to look slimmer than you are

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7 tips to look slimmer

Happy April 1!!  Thank you for joining me to today to discuss 7 tips to look slimmer than you are!

I think this is an appropriate topic for April Fool’s Day, because these tips to look slimmer are a type of trick…tricking the eye to see something else.

It is all about how you direct the Eye of the Beholder….



This is actually a new video on my Youtube Channel out now…and I go over a thorough discussion of the seven tips to look slimmer.

In fact, I was surrounded by notes and still left out a few thoughts….the majority are on the video.

I am wearing white pants today and feel very slim wearing them…in the video I explain why.


7 tips to look slimmer

I did not say, but wanted to, that these are simply tips…not rules…and I do not adhere to them all every time I dress.

For example, I live in a warm climate, so I do wear capris pants and crops…though I know chopping my body into pieces is not a slimming technique.

Also, be careful of the denim you purchase.  If there is extra shading on your thighs, that will add the illusion of extra weight.

The most slimming stripes are diagonal stripes…try some on…it will amaze you.

And one of the best ways to look slimmer…is practicing good posture.  Sit up and walk straighter…no matter your height.

A style that actually can make us look like we have added weight and poor posture, are the garments with dropped shoulders.  

Be careful of those…the best fit is when the garment fits at your shoulder.

I disagree with some ladies that belts are slimming.  For some of us, a belt draws the eye immediately to where we do not want the emphasis so I do not currently wear them.

There is so much in the video, so sit down with you have a little extra time to watch and maybe jot some notes.  I hope it is helpful.

I am one of the few online who have lived and practiced these tips for many years.


7 tips to look slimmer

7 tips to look slimmer

In today’s video, I am wearing this Vintage Wash Printed Floral Button Front Point Collar 3/4 Roll-Tab Sleeve Tunic by John Mark and

From Chico’s, the  Goldtone Long Tassel Necklace, a new personal favorite!

Here are more pieces which could work to slim your look because of the designs…depending on the fit:


7 tips to look slimmer

7 tips to look slimmer

These lovely flowers are in my yard at the moment and they are…simply wonderful.

But, alas, they are only here for a very short time.

I call attention to this just to remind you not to rush through the season.  

As you see your flowers begin to bloom, take a little time to rest and enjoy them.

I want to remember their beauty and not think…wow, I missed it.

Think of where you could spend a moment to stop and wonder this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the video…and I will see you tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  Please leave any comments on the topic of how to dress to look slimmer!


By Pamela Lutrell

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7 ways to look slimmer

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