An easy to create summer look

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An easy to create summer look. I have always found cardigans to be one of the most useful and practical items in a well-curated wardrobe. Cardigans not only add warmth when needed but also a shot of colour to a neutral background. Above I have put together an easy to create summer outfit. The bright green pointelle knitted cardigan (gifted) is from Cotton Traders. It is also available in deep coral. I love the way it adds a touch of jewel colour to my otherwise neutral white outfit.

An easy to create summer look

The weather has been variable during the last couple of weeks so the outfits I put together need to be adaptable; so today I wanted to show you an easy to create summer look. Recently I have been choosing to wear lighter and brighter colours but adding a sweater or cardigan for warmth if the east wind is blowing.

I bought my white cotton trousers at the Benetton shop in St.Tropez. All the Benetton shops seem to have disappeared in the UK but I found my trousers at Benettononline. I used to love Benetton and was pleased to see that they have a good selection of their styles online especially a wide range of trousers at reasonable prices.

An easy to create summer look:

White trousers are always a good basis for a summer look.

Selection of white trousers:

Add a cardigan for warmth and colour

I have chosen to wear a white tee under my cardigan in order to keep the outfit streamlined. As the cardigan has an open-knit weave I felt that a contrasting colour would be a distraction.

My necklace is from the local Brocante about three years ago. I have found some similar on Etsy.

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