Barry Is Back For More Darkly Hilarious Hitman Drama in Season 3

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It can be so extremely difficult for television shows to strike the right tone. Does something want to be a drama? Does it want to be a comedy? Usually, that’s a decision that needs to be made right from the top, and it’s one that for the show to have any level of success, it needs to stick with. The fact that Barry, HBO’s hitman-turned-actor-but-still-kinda-hitman manages to be, well, kind of a little bit of everything—and do all of it so damn well—is a bit of a modern miracle.

After more than three years off the air, Barry is back for its long-awaited Season 3. And if it’s anything like what the first and particularly the second season season proved, is that it could have you hysterically laughing in one moment, on the edge of your seat sweating out a shootout a minute later, and genuinely tearing up ten minutes after that. HBO is no stranger to bending genres and mixing tones, but Barry is so utterly unique that you can only understand just how unique it feels by watching it.

Season 3 continues where Season 2 left off, with Barry (Bill Hader) at a crossroads in his relationship with just about everyone—except his old buddy NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), who also indirectly helped him get Gene (Henry Winkler) out of police custody. His romantic and professional acting interests with Sally (Sarah Goldberg) are frayed, and he absolutely wants to kill the heinous scumbag Fuches (Stephen Root) once and for all. You’ll also have to remember that Fuches revealed to Gene that it was Barry—a Marine who Fuches pushed into a career as a contract killer—who killed Gene’s girlfriend Janice, a police detective who discovered Barry’s true identity as a hitman and fell in love with Gene along the way. It’s a whole mess.

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And, again, that’s the glory of Barry. All of that sounds pretty intense and fraught! But then there’s Bill Hader in the lead role, carrying so much weight on his shoulders not only in his usual animated and hilarious way, but really doing some heavy dramatic lifting as well. The cast, particularly Root, Goldberg, and Carrigan, are all tremendous and worthy of all the praise they get. There’s not really much more to it—Barry is a fantastic show and we’re damn excited Season 3 has finally arrived.

Here’s what you need to know about when each episode will hit HBO and HBO Max.

When is the next episode of Barry coming out?

The next episode of Barry Season 3 will air on HBO and hit HBO Max on Sunday, May 1st, at 10:00 PM EST.

Stream Barry on HBO Max

How many episodes of Barry are left?

Just like Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 of Barry will have an 8-episode arc, and the first episode is now streaming on HBO Max. That means there are seven episodes left in the season—dropping once per week for the next seven weeks.

Here’s the complete release schedule for Barry:

Episodes release on Sundays at 9:00 p.m., EST

Episode 1: Now streaming as of April 24

Episode 2: Streaming on May 1

Episode 3: Streaming on May 8

Episode 4: Streaming on May 15

Episode 5: Streaming on May 22

Episode 6: Streaming on May 29

Episode 7: Streaming on June 5

Episode 8: Streaming on June 12

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