Four Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #3

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Favorite Spring Jackets

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, we continue my favorite spring jackets series with 4 Favorite Spring Jackets – Look #3

Since,  our world is going through so many changes, I wanted to make sure and show you more affordable spring jackets in this series.

I did that with selections from Target and today, from JC Penney’s.

Also, toward the end, I am working with one more reader and her style adjectives…this one was a challenge in the beginning!


Favorite Spring Jackets

Before it was officially spring, I picked up this St. John’s Bay Lightweight Anorak in Vermillion Red for a song…and for taking casual up a notch.

This is another great example of a quality garment that already has a low cost per wear.  

Now, full disclosure, on their site the negative reviews have to do with the button holes not being made well for actual buttoning up the jacket.

I have never buttoned this one up…I prefer the open look, so I like the jacket a lot.

The St. John’s Bay line is excellent when looking for casual or even outdoor garments.  I will be wearing this outfit to an outdoor event at the end of the month.

Today, is the last day for the JCP Birthday Sale.  If you use the code 120years, you will save on everything….some items are 50% or more off.

Here are a few more casual items in the St. John’s Bay collection…prices are amazing…and will leave you singing…


Favorite Spring Jackets

As I said, this is what I will wear to an outdoor event soon that is actually in the Texas countryside.

I styled my jacket with 

Spring Bloom Everyday V-Neck Tee. from Loft 

The Boyfriend Jeans. from JJILL and I love the fit!

I am still loving my Comfortiva Sneakers ,and these are waterproof which works well for my outing…just in case.

I am also wearing a new favorite necklace from Chico’s with the Bee on it, but sadly it appears to be sold out.

I do recommend the necklaces where you can adjust the length and either wear them short or long!

However, there is a matching bracelet Green Goldtone Stretch Charm Bracelet for only $16.99.

What I love is that a favorite spring jacket outfit like this helps me go to the country feeling confident and not “scuzzy!”


Favorite Spring Jackets

Of course…it is my Foundational Five Personal Style Building Blocks…and today’s was my biggest challenge yet!

Let me remind you, that we are discussing what our clothing choices say about us.  When someone walks up to us, what messages would our personal style send to them?

What would they walk away knowing about us from our wardrobe choices?

I believe, when you ask yourself every day before leaving the house…does this outfit speak these same five adjectives every day…that with consistency you will develop your own UNIQUELY-YOU style.

Meet Deborah…she is 69, and a retired English teacher.  She lives on the beach, writes, paints, and loves to travel, though as we all did, had to pull it back the last couple of years.

Deborah wrote me a very lengthy email to tell me about herself…then confessed that she did not know what she wanted her five adjectives to be.

She had a long list of possibilities. 

I have never done this before with a reader, but I took all of that information she sent and I am ready to “suggest” five adjectives for Deborah.

Deborah, I believe the messages you want to send with your personal style in retirement are:

  1. Strong – a strong woman dresses with purpose. She doesn’t just throw garments on, and she tends to like menswear which fits well (you confessed to being a bit of a tomboy)
  2. Intelligent – an intelligent woman dresses with polish and adds an occasional ethnic/global touch with accessories or prints to communicate she is still well read and active.
  3. Dramatic – you like bold deep colors and curated, unusual jewelry and scarves
  4. Adventurous – English teachers are often adventurous which comes from a love of literature and the stories they teach.  I see this in you as you walk the beach, love travel,  and paint the scenery.
  5. Approachable – you have a lovely warm smile.  Your outfits should invite others to say hello and reach out. 

Is it possible to wear clothing which sends these messages to others…absolutely.  

Deborah describes herself this way…”I am soft straight, natural classic, 5’4″ tonally deep, muted, and warm. My season is deep or dark autumn.”

Here are pieces I believe would assist you in building a wardrobe which speaks these messages….let me know how I did!  Please, if I am off base, let me know…I have never done an exercise like this one before….

Favorite Spring Jackets

Vince Camuto Leopard Status Silk Square scarf in Red

First Accessories…remember accessories are a great way to speak these adjectives…Also with jewelry I kept in mind your small frame….

Now, for the garments….The darker colors are more of a challenge in the warmer months, but I did find a few and included some tops here that would make lovely foundations for dramatic accessories.

Favorite Spring Jackets

Button-Front A-Line Shirt

You might spend some time on the Boden website…items included in the slideshow…but they really have many that I think fit these adjectives.

Deborah, if you ask yourself in front of the mirror if you look says strong, intelligent, dramatic, adventurous, and approachable…then soon you will be identified by this style! 

You may stand there and say…ok, I don’t see the dramatic or adventurous…so add fun accessories from your shoes, jewelry or scarves…don’t make it more complicated.

Just think about the messaging.  I realize this one is long, but I wanted to help Deborah see what I was talking about! Thanks everyone for supporting each other.

Any questions on what I did for Deborah or on the favorite spring jacket #3?  Please chime in….and make sure that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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