Happy Easter + a message to followers

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this important day!

Two years ago, I shared my journey to Christ in THIS POST if anyone is interested.


This seems to be the perfect day to address an issue which recently came up with a message received from one of the blog followers….who was looking out for me.

She wanted me to know that when I use the A-OK hand signal in some of my photos that now this signal is considered to be hate speech and said to be used by White Supremacists.

Of course, I had no knowledge of this.

In today’s culture, a small amount of loud individuals have changed history, words, hand signals and meanings to be what they were never intended to be.

Just ask anyone named “Karen.”

Those who know me, know I am not a racist or white supremacist.   I live in one of the most diverse cities in the country and love it.

God created so many different types of people…and birds…and insects…and all of creation…each snowflake is different which is amazing.

And, then He asked us to love all of creation as He does.  I believe this is part of who I am as a Christian.  

I will no longer use the hand signal in order not to offend anyone.  But, I hope all of you believe and know that the messaging now behind A-OK has nothing to do with me.

I could write volumes about what is happening in the world today at the hands of evil.  But I will not….this blog is not about that.  It is about the beauty in every single one of us.

I hope everyone who is celebrating this day has a glorious time…I will be back tomorrow….with love in my heart for this audience.


By Pamela Lutrell

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