Happy Green Things, Or, Saturday Morning At 9:56 am

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One thing about living in the same house for 35 years is exquisitely familiarity with what it looks like at particular and specific times of the year. I have always said that if I were to sell this place, I’d do it at Easter. Please excuse the venality. It’s a convenient way of saying, “Wow, everything sure looks beautiful today. Might even be the most beautiful day of the year.”

The flowers in the ground are happy.

The flowers in the pots are happy. I don’t believe they know that they’ll be replaced, in the not too far distant future, by something orange. Maybe zinnias.

Happy for now.

The trees are happy.

Oh those drops of water.

Even the flowers on the trees are happy.

And to add to the usual flourishing of this time of year, we had actual rain last night. The kind that wakes you up, and if you’ve been living in a decade of drought, makes you hope that roof is done leaking. And even so you’re happy for the water falling hard.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I wish you joy for any holiday you might be celebrating, and for the simple day if you’ve got no celebrations planned.

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