In Which We Shadow Our Seeing, or, Saturday Morning at 9:58 AM

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How is it that in all this time of masks, the only type of makeup I’ve worn has been tinted sunscreen and lip balms. Nobody sees either. Foolishness? Denial? An abiding love of printing my lips on the inside of PPE? Mysteries of selfhood. But let’s talk eyeshadow.

For context, consider that I hope to take a few little trips this summer. They will by both necessity and good fortune involve meeting with people. I’m still masking, and plan to do so until Long COVID is figured out. Hence, eye makeup. Given that we’ve been locked up for two years, all my old stuff is now somewhere in my municipal garbage system, and given that I continue to try to shift towards ingredients with no cloud hanging over them, I’ve been hanging with our quirky old friends, Silk Naturals.

I now own three little pots of loose powder eyeshadow named Hushpuppy (on top), Drive (to the right) and Boots ( bottom left), along with a new blending brush just because. Mysteries of makeup naming we shall never understand. The shadows cost $4.95 each, which also feels mysterious but beneficial. Then I finer-tap the RMS Living Luminizer in Natural, which is a pearly white, right in the center of my eyelid. Also ingredient approved.

Hush Puppy on me becomes a lavender taupe, if such a such a color is conceivable. I use it for my eyelids and whatever that area underneath the eyebrow is called. (Not only have I not worn make up in a while, I haven’t talked about it.) Boots—as it says on the site—is a lovely, dimensional, blackened copper. I use it as an eyeliner and in the creases. Drive I think will turn out to be too red for me, but this project is really more about the process of choosing, and learning, and solving, and creating than the result per se. Nah, (as true as I can make it, my friends) if didn’t look good I wouldn’t do it.

Let’s say the creating, solving, etc. is what makes the effort to look good worth the, well, effort. And that it’s a continuation of the project this blog became, i.e. a the deconstruction of self-image into personal aesthetics and emotional presentation, as opposed to an inchoate effort around social presence, appropriate behavior, and the use of brands to signal/enrich self. Big word quota for the morning met. Bam! Let’s have more toast!

I am failing you completely by not posting on-the-face photos; I’ll remedy that this summer or sooner if I can muster. By that point however, I may have moved onto marine blue eyeliner flecked with gold, guaranteeing vision across the ocean and all following seas.

Have an absolutely wonderful and dimensional weekend.

Signed, yours truly, still largely dictating due to elbow tendonitis, and in this case using no commissioned links.

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