Lonzo Ball Got Profoundly Shaped Up

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And more from the week in celebrity grooming. 

A diptych of Lonzo Ball with long and short hair on red and gray backgrounds

Photographs courtesy Getty Images; Collage by Gabe Conte

This is Grooming Gods, a tour of the best and wildest grooming out there this week. 

Jonathan Daniel

Lonzo Ball 

Ball has been rocking a sizable afro all season (with a quick interlude with braids). But this week he got cleaned way up—love it. 

Jeff Spicer

Robert Eggers 

An appropriate beard for promoting a violent viking epic. Don’t sleep on that fade, either. 



Eddie Redmayne 

A very good swoop right there. 

Hollywood To You/Star Max

Corey Gamble 

Salt and pepper excellence. 


Rob Gronkowski 

The guy just makes high-school locker room hair gel look great, you know? 


Idris Elba 

About the cleanest skin fade you’ll ever see. 


Howie Mandel 

Don’t think it’s the shirt, Howie. 

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