Pachinko Is the Epic Family Saga You Don’t Want to Miss

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When most people talk about streaming, they’re usually thinking of Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime. But there’s a whole world of streamers out there creating award-winning and critically acclaimed content, and Apple TV+ is easily one of the more underrated ones. With its recent Best Picture win for CODA, (yeah, that was them) it’s fair to expect that more and more people are beginning to check out what Apple’s got to offer on its streaming service—and they’re about to see that there’s a whole lot of great stuff. Trust us, there’s way more than just Ted Lasso.

One of the highest-rated new shows of the year so far is Apple TV+’s Pachinko. Based on a book of the same name, Pachinko follows four generations of a Korean family, from their humble beginnings in a small fishing town, to more modern day struggles in 1980s Japan (and the United States). The show reportedly cost as much as Netflix’s The Crown, and features a primarily Asian cast speaking in not one, but three different languages throughout the course of the story. It’s exactly the ambitious, groundbreaking content you’d expect from an Oscar-winning streaming service.

Pachinko‘s first season consists of eight episodes, released weekly. And unlike other streaming services who usually follow the Pacific time zone for releases, Apple TV+ drops new episodes at midnight Eastern time. Here’s the official release schedule for Pachinko. And for fans of the book, we’ve also been outlining some of the major differences between the book and the television show.

Official Pachinko Release Schedule

New episodes of Pachinko premiere on Fridays at 12am Eastern time.

Episode 1: Now streaming as of March 25

Episode 2: Now streaming as of March 25

Episode 3: Now streaming as of March 25

Episode 4: Now streaming as of April 1

Episode 5: Friday, April 8

Episode 6: Friday, April 15

Episode 7: Friday, April 22

Episode 8: Friday, April 29

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