Physical activity and its many moods: which are you today?

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It is just about May– the end of the semester and college academic year, and hopefully the beginning of warmer weather. I admit to having become more of a fair-weather cyclist and swimmer lately. Luckily, my time has (almost) come.

This year– in fact these past few years– have been all about the moods. For me, this has meant impatience, periods of lassitude, a few burst of energy and motivation, and moments of connection and joy. There’s been sadness and grief, too, with more to come. That is the way of life. But alongside those emotions come pleasure, silliness, adventurousness, feelings of warmth and even a little ambition.

regarding ambition: as soon as the weather and my schedule cooperate in tandem, I’m taking out my new kayak. Of course the event will be covered in detail on this blog.

regarding adventurousness: as soon as I can work up the gumption, I’ll try some late spring chilly immersion in Walden Pond and Mystic Lake. The ocean may have to wait another month or so.

regarding sadness: I am and will be living with the loss of a loved one. I plan on some meditative quiet and some friendly company, both of which help a lot. Stillness and movement both have their place as part of a healing regimen.

Take a look at my post about the many moods of movement, and see if you find one that fits what you’re feeling like these days. If you have more suggestions for movement moods, let me know.



My friend and colleague Lee is the energizer bunny of teaching. She just keeps on going and going, coming up with new ideas and maintaining classic winning strategies year after year after year.

I just saw this post on her FB page, showing a way to invite students to talk about how they are doing this fall using a safe proxy: cat pictures. She asked them, which of Lee’s cats are you feeling most like today?

6 pictures of Lee's cats, in various kitty moods.
6 pictures of Lee’s cats, in various kitty moods.

What a great idea! It’s a way to talk about ourselves, but with a feline shield in case we need it. I love this and plan to implement it immediately.

Except I don’t have cats. Or dogs. I have a bunch of plants, but their moods seem to comprise blooming, being green, wilting, yellowing, and dying.

Well, maybe we’re not in need of much more…

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