Review of Target Swimsuits: Ageless, Sizeless, and Affordable

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I have 4 of us giving a review of Target swimsuits. When you live in a place like Arizona, it’s only practical that your swimwear options be varied and inexpensive.
Why Target? As I was walking through the store a month ago, I was impressed with all of the swimwear selection IN THE STORE. It made me think we should all get a swimsuit and give our two cents about it.

Quote of the day: “Swimsuits are not the enemy, and neither are our bodies. So hit the beach, pool, or boat, and live your best life this summer–in the body, you have now, and yes, wearing only a swimsuit.” Liz from With Wonder and Whimsey

After reading this quote years ago from my friend, Liz, I realized that this is the message we need to hear more often. Swimsuits are not the enemy. And while they are one of the items most women say is the hardest to shop for, it’s always better when there are many options for different ages and sizes.

No, this is not sponsored by Target (don’t I wish? haha). The “blog” bought Lesley’s, Charlotte’s, Cathie’s, and my suits for this honest review of Target swimsuits.
And then Joan and Terry were kind enough to let us take our photos at their pool, while we supplied dinner for all. (Joan’s swimsuit -the blue one-was not purchased at Target)

Why am I doing this post? Because I think we need to see more real women talking about real swimsuits with real bodies.
Do you need to shop at Target for your swimsuit? Maybe or maybe not. I wondered if you ever thought about this venue before, so I wanted to give the inside scoop with a review of Target swimsuits as well as the shopping experience. But I will say that later in the season, there may not be such a great selection.

I was going to break up the thought by person but decided to group our responses together so you can get your answers easily. Then I’ll showcase each person’s swimwear individually and give you more details.

Pool time is fun time

Shopping for Swimsuits: Online vs In-Store

I am the only one of us four that ordered my swimwear online from Target. When I first looked online, there were over 1500 results that came up. Yes, some items were coverups, but still. That’s a lot.
Yet mom, Lesley, and Cathie all decided to find their suits in the store.

There is no right or wrong with this query. I happen to like both options. Yet what I realize is that in reality, most stores can offer more selection online because it’s easier.

Insider tip: The first step for any online shopping is to check the return policy first. If it’s easy/free, then keep shopping. Otherwise, don’t bother with the store no matter how much you seem to love the things.

So what I will say for any Target online purchases, they are easy to return in a store. We are lucky to have a couple of Target stores close to us, so that is our preferred method. No hassle, no fuss, no extra cost, and it’s convenient.

Rationale: Most people will say they prefer in-store shopping so they don’t have to go back and return items. But remember, if you shop online and then return something to the store, you’ve still only made one trip to that store.

Target In-Store Selection of Swimsuits

Cathie thought the selection was slim in the store and the sizes for plus-size were limited. Not only that but Cathie said many of the women she follows on Instagram said the same thing.
Yet Charlotte was impressed with the number of suits she found at the same Target store.
Lesley said there was a good selection of styles and sizes that would be appropriate for older women like her as well as large, younger women. She visited 2 different stores.

Insider tip: If you are looking online, you can filter the selection. For example, if you want to see only ones in your size range, click the button next to filter for “size” and choose multiple options that might fit you.

Do you wonder how many suits we tried on before being happy with our purchase?
Cathie tried on 4.
Charlotte took 6-8 suits to the fitting room and then came home with 2 to choose from.
Lesley bought 3 different suits and tried them on at home before picking this one.
I purchased 5 different pieces and kept 2.

Onto the Reviews of Target Swimsuits

For the reviews, I asked everyone what they liked about the swimsuit that they kept and how well it washed.

Everyone has such different requirements for what they want from a swimsuit, so I’ll include some of that information too.

Jodie’s 2 Piece and Rash Guard

Links to: Cupshe’s 2-piece in this colorway and then also in burgundy. The All in Motion rash guard.

It’s taken me 50 years to love the body I have. And I’ve been so inspired by many of my blogging friends to wear a 2 piece swimsuit.
No surprise that I love the mix and match ability with these.

Insider tip: The other HUGE advantage of a two-piece (including a tankini) is it’s easier to go to the bathroom in them.

I’ve only started buying rash guards since we started taking water aerobic classes since we were out in the sun. This is my first cropped version and I like it because then there isn’t a ton of extra material swaying in the water. (The yellow bottoms were from Amazon when we posted about a beach vacation last year. The style of suit is still available, but not my sunflower print).

Jodie’s Review of Target Swimsuits

I loved the coverage of this 2-piece and the fun colors. Even though they came together this way, I know I’ll be able to mix and match with what I already have to create so many different options.
I ended up tying the straps that go around under the girls around the back strap so they would stay in place. But the first time I wore it, I let the straps hang like the model is wearing.

My only complaint about this suit is when I washed it, the molded cups show up as brownish. It was the weirdest thing. Yet when it dries, you don’t notice it. I almost returned it, but decided I was fine with it.
Oops, there is another thing. I wouldn’t call it a complaint per se. But the top back strap is solid and not adjustable. It fits fine but it could be tough to get in and out of.

Insider tip: You all know the stories of how it’s hard to get out of wet suits and sports bras. The secret?? Pull them down and step out of them. It’s so much easier than trying to get them over your head.

The rash guard has that same back tie. Do I like that? It’s cute but not super functional.
BTW, I did order and try on the matching bottoms to this rash guard, but they didn’t turn my crank.
I was disappointed that the selection of long sleeve suits was limited. Realistically we don’t think of having sleeves on our swimsuits, but with the concern about skin cancer, I think it’s smart.

Comparing Price and Washing

I thought the suit was quite reasonable especially since it wasn’t on sale.
The suit was less than $40 for both pieces together. Now the rash guard was the same price yet it’s only one piece. Maybe not as inexpensive, but it will get worn a lot.
Usually I end up purchasing my swimwear at the end of the season when it’s on sale.

Other than the issue with the browning on the inside of the cups when they get wet (as seen in the photo below), my pieces washed up fine.

Cathie’s 2-Piece Suit

Links to: Xhilaration bra top-also available in mint. Kona Sol bottoms

Cathie is an Arizona native and thus has a ton of swimsuits. She is my thrifty buddy and told me that her top three places for buying swimsuits are at the thrift stores, Walmart, or Target.
She also does water aerobics many times a week and also loves hanging out at the pool.

In fact, the day before our photo shoot, you can see how she got some sun from being at the pool.

Cathie’s Review of Target Swimsuits

Cathie texted me two options when she was trying on her Target swimsuits, and I loved this 2-piece. Her other selection was very similar to Lesley’s so it’s nice to have the variety.
She loved the good support of the underwire portion of the swim top to keep the girls in place.

Then she picked these bottoms because she doesn’t like the ruching when it’s in the front. But this pair had it on the sides.

Comparing Price and Washing

Her bra top was $20 and the bottoms were $23. That makes the set less than $50 which is relatively affordable.
She didn’t have any issues when she washed them, and there wasn’t any bleeding from the black piece.

Lesley’s Bandeau Tankini

Link to: Kona Sol Tankini top available in 2 other prints too. Kona Sol boyshort bottoms

This is Lesley’s first-ever tankini and will be perfect for the pool parties that are happening. Considering Lesley also attends water aerobics regularly and is part of a group of women who go water walking a lot, her swim collection has grown over these 3 years.

Since we were doing this review of Target swimsuits, Lesley decided to step out of her comfort zone and style rut (her words not mine) and try something different. I think that’s the advantage of finding affordable swimwear, is you can try other styles without spending an arm and a leg.

Lesley’s Review of Target Swimsuits

In her words: “I prefer a bandeau top that eliminates those pesky tan lines. The panels are a semi-sheer chiffon fabric that flutters around and over the fluffy body. I’ve seen tops and water skirts that hang and look like bedsheets out of the pool. This fabric does not stretch when wet, and that’s a huge advantage.
The bottom is a boyfriend cut and comfortable in or out of the water.”

Insider tip: It is good to think about how you will be wearing the swimsuit when you buy it. I love the ruffle details on the swimsuits, but once they get wet, they look a ton different.
For example, a swim skirt is great to cover your thighs when you are on land. But once you’re in the water does it matter? Because when you get out of the water, the skirt sticks to your legs anyways.

Comparing Price and Washing

Lesley’s suit came in at $50 for both items. The bottoms were $23 and the tankini top was $27.
In the past, she has purchased several suits online from different companies.

Charlotte’s One-Piece Leopard Suit

Link to: Aqua Green one-piece-it also comes in blue online.

One of the things that my mom looks for in her swimsuits is to have more butt coverage. In fact, she was impressed that many of the labels showcased full coverage for the bottom.

Charlotte’s Review of Target Swimsuits

You can see how this suit really fits my mom’s body and personality so well. The leopard brown is beautiful on her. There were a couple of suits she tried on that exposed too much cleavage, but this one is perfect.

Comparing Price and Washing

Mom’s suit was $45 and thought that it was good quality for the price. Mom usually gets her suits from catalogs or a discount store. Yet she did find one at Savers thrift for $5 years ago.

My mom washed it by hand, it came out wonderful.

Wearing a swim suit shouldn't be terrible

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Review of Target swimsuits from women over 40

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