Shopping Target with Leigh & me

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Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

Happy Sunday, sunshine…at least hoping you have sunshine where you are!  Today, come shopping Target with Leigh & Me!

In our search for affordable fashions, Leigh Ann and I decided to take our road show shopping at Target…and in some ways, we were pleasantly surprised.

I do want to state at the front, that there are not many designs that are flattering to us curvy ladies.

You will see I did find a few I like, but you will also see my reflection in the mirror when I took Leigh Ann’s shots in outfits I deemed too unflattering to show you!

Also, someone used Target as a “slur” in yesterday’s post (not constructive!), however if you are looking at affordable, current clothing…it is worthy of your time.

So, there is a lot we were impressed with… let’s get started….


Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

As I have said before, Leigh Ann wear clothing really well and looks great in almost everything.

She and I both were impressed with these clothes…especially as we compared them to other brands with the same designs.

She is wearing the Universal Threads Women’s Flutter Short Sleeve Blouse in orange. 

This top is paired with a Women’s High-rise tapered pant, also Universal Threads.  This color is ecru in a size 8, but online there is very little left.

She believed they are great pants and understands why they are selling fast.


Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann liked these shorts, but would’ve preferred a little longer length.

This little outfit is from the New Day collection.  She is wearing the Women’s High-rise pleat Front shorts in brown.

The top is the Women’s Short Sleeve Scoop Neck T-shirt.  This color is sold out, but they have a lovely green!

Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

We both liked the designs in the Knox Rose collections.

This is the Women’s Puff Elbow Sleeve Blouse in a Medium.  Knox Rose items typically run smaller than the other lines.

Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

Yet, this Knox Rose dress actually ran big…it is a Medium and she would’ve have needed a small to make it work.

But, it is a cute dress…Women’s Flutter Short Sleeve Dress in Navy Ikat.

Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

At $12, Leigh Ann considered this dress a perfect throw on for summer errands dress and she purchased it.

She also reported back from home that it looks cute with a blouse over it giving the look of a top and green knit skirt.

This is the New Day Women’s Muscle Tank Dress in green. 


Shopping Target with Leigh & Me

My favorite garment (and the one I took home) is this New Day Women’s Linen Blazer in Orange.

I love a topper like this for warmer weather to go with my denim…and I have worn it several times already since last week….I will show you one way I styled it tomorrow!

I have it on here with a Women’s Dolman Short Sleeve Utility Button-Down Short Sleeve Shirt from Universal Threads in brown.  I liked the shirt (not with the blazer though!) It is available in several colors.

I really liked these sandals!  They are the Women’s Maddie Knotted Slide Sandals by Shade & Shore in a pink shade.

These sandals are really comfortable…if anyone else has hammer toes…they are great!

Shopping Target with Leigh & me

For a nice spring top, I do like the fit and feel of this Women’s Elbow Sleeve Gauze Button Down Shirt by Knox Rose.

It comes in three colors, but looks like pink is gone.

Here is another top from Knox Rose….

Shopping Target with Leigh & me

Eyelet is on trend this year and especially fun in San Antonio during Fiesta time.

This is the Women’s Short Sleeve Eyelet Shirt…in olive.

I will show you a different way to wear this one tomorrow!


Shopping Target with Leigh & me

Shopping Target

As stated, the quality at Target right now is impressive…in fact, we looked at each other once and said, “Good Job, Target!”

Here are a few we liked:

Shopping Target

Very cute flat sandals…and many that would work well for pool or beach.

Here are some of our faves:

Shopping Target

I loved the variety of cute little scarves…including this washable silk…that would go great on our necks, handbags, or hair.

Here are more for you to see…

Despite a few minor frustrations with the offerings for me, we had a great time Shopping Target with Leigh & me.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for being here as always…,


By Pamela Lutrell

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