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Australia Chic

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today we return to our readers and their style adjectives, with a touch of Australia Chic!

Right after I mentioned the countries in the post on Tuesday, I read in my email about a reader from Australia!

It really is fun to hear from women around the world who read this blog and desire some inspiration with their style.

So, today we head off down under to meet another wonderful reader.


Australia Chic

Sue did not include a picture of herself, but sent ample information…like enjoying walking the beach near her home in Brisbane, Australia.

She asked for help deciding her five adjectives…and this is only the second time I have done this without actually knowing the reader personally.

Key Points about Sue:

  1. She is 62 with 3 grown sons and 2 stepsons + one grandchild, “The apple of my eye,” she said.
  2.  She is originally from the UK, but has lived in Brisbane for over 20 years.  Her home is in a rural area with bushland at the rear of the property.
  3. She loves the simple things in life…like walking along the beach, enjoying a sunset and her gorgeous bullmastiff dog. 
  4.  She also loves interior design and takes great pride in her home.  I learned a lot about Sue from her descriptions about loving French Provincial style and Hampton Style and how she combines both.
Sue described her style dilemma as this, “How I am struggling with my style? Well I live in the hot tropics and have always loved the french chic look, but in the tropics where there are a lot of bold flowery designs and lots of flowing fabrics really do not appeal to me in the least. I have tried to embrace it in the past and it just does not feel like me. I am only 5ft 2 inches tall and anything like that just swamps me, and doesn’t even appeal to me. I love stripes and polka dots but would like to explore other patterns. I also like bold pops of color, but would only wear it for a top a bag or piece of jewelry etc, not a whole outfit, that would be too much for me.  I struggle with bringing in interest and florals I am really selective about, often they are big and bold or lots of color and I find I am just not drawn to them. I rarely select a floral pattern that I am happy with. I do like feminine touches, ie a small bit of lace around the collar etc I feel like I am a classic at heart but done in a more casual way,  and that my outfits need an element of something to add interest for example some piping or contrasting cuff on a shirt etc.
Australia Chic
Being at home I do not wear a lot of accessories etc I like dressing to be simple and streamlined but not stuffy. I often find classic to be too stuffy although I love it I know I am missing some elements, just not sure what they are. I love the monochromatic look as it makes me look taller, but struggle with it not looking boring, and particularly as often I would only wear a top and bottom due to the climate. I want my style to be effortless but put together, and to look stylish and modern, but must be comfortable and serve my lifestyle and climate. I hate lots of detail and anything really loose and flowy, but don’t like tight clothes either, they have to be comfortable, that sounds contradictory doesn’t it! I am picky over the fit of my clothes I want them to look stylish and put together but don’t want to look like I am heading to the office for a meeting, that’s too much.
I like the more tailored jackets but they have to have stretch in them for comfort as do most of my clothes, and have a more relaxed feel about them, but not boxy. I hate feeling like I am wearing a straight jacket and cannot stand anything up high around my neck as it makes me feel like I am suffocating, I do like button up shirts for that reason as I can choose how open I wear them. I do like the style of tied shirts as I feel like it still looks put together but definitely not starchy! I love chinos and jeans. I want to feel modern and approachable and effortless I do not have the inclination to spend half an hour getting dressed. I feel like I am a BIT of a minimalist at heart but then I over shop and end up with so much stuff and have a hard time letting things go for example I have 4 denim jackets, who needs 4? but I have kept them all even though I mainly wear the same two. I also have a houndstooth blazer and a blue seersucker which I really like. I have another with a bold stripe and never wear it. I have managed to let go of all my stilettos as I never wear them. Again I want my feet to be comfortable but still have that level of refinement. If I wear t shirts jeans and sneakers I feel scruffy and often t shirts make me feel frumpy especially if they are baggy, although they do serve the lifestyle and that is why I am struggling. I feel what I love and what works for lifestyle and climate etc are pulling in opposing directions. I hate seeing drag lines on clothes are anything ill fitting but equally am not prepared to pay designer price tags I think $200 for a t shirt is ridiculous, however I also feel if I buy really cheap that I feel cheap so tend to opt for good quality at a realistic price point.
Color wise I am a cool clear winter palette with very dark brown hair with fair skin and hazel eyes. I love red, blues purples teals and greens etc but rarely find them in styles I like. Navy is the only real neutral I have. This week bought a couple of white shirts  one with some shirring and the other with pin tucks to try but feel I need a bit of direction to set me on my journey. If I look in my closet it is mainly navy with stripes and polka dots and not much else, clearly it is lacking and I feel completely uninspired and don’t know what I should be looking for to tick all boxes!”
Australia Chic
I am going to make a stab at these five adjectives with the information I know about Sue…that she shared.
I am not studying what others in Australia wear this time, but merely going with what she was able to tell me about her climate and lifestyle.
Sue, if you use these five adjectives and every time you put together an outfit, ask if the outfit tells the world these things about you, then you will have your style nailed….
Tell the world with your clothing that you are:
1. Chic – you portray casual elegance with your style
2. Relaxed –  your outfit says that you are comfortable in your own skin
3. Strong – you are a strong, confident woman (with style)
4. Timeless – you are a classic
5. Simple – you are a minimalist who portrays style without a lot of embellishments
It is currently fall in Australia, however, what is so great about your adjectives is black, white, navy, and gray go from season to season easily.
This is important because your personal color palette combined with these adjectives are successful with a solid foundation of beautiful neutrals. 
I understand the challenges of looking great in warm climates, so I definitely kept that in mind when searching for clothing….and I kept in mind your petite size.
Also, you will see some high end pieces here, but with these adjectives you would be purchasing less and not more, so I recommend quality pieces for you.
Just something to consider…you can always look for less expensive versions of these type of looks.
Australia Chic
Sue…here are some suggestions of the types of garments you might look for which speak these five adjectives and say to me AUSTRALIA CHIC!
Slide Show #1

Slide Show #2

Let me know how I did, Sue.  I hope by getting you to think and hopefully tweak or refine these adjectives that it will set you on the right path to a confident unique Australia Chic YOU!
By Pamela Lutrell
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