Style & Adjectives: Italian Style Edition

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Italian Style

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I hope you can tell that I am having fun…because I am!  Today, let’s enjoy another reader’s style adjectives…this time an Italian Style version.

I love receiving these emails from the readers!  Sally’s (yesterday’s post) was such a lovely surprise, and so was today’s.

The greater joy would be to sit down to tea with each one of you, but this is a close second!


Italian Style

Today, please meet Cinzia…who calls herself an Italian girl.

I do not have her picture, but here is what I know….

  1. She is 54 years old and has a partner, a dog, and two daughters in their twenties.
  2. She describes herself as a woman of strong build with clear eyes and skin, and hair of ash blonde and natural white.
  3. She loves light summer greens and blues.
  4. She like to wear low, comfortable shoes so does not wear “Little” skirts and dresses.


Italian Style

Cinzia would like to tell the world with her style that she is SIMPLE, COMFORTABLE, FEMININE, AND ORIGINAL.  

She wants everyone to know that she is comfortable and well dressed.

First, I decided to learn more about Italian style…not because I am going to tell an Italian how they dress, but because I wanted to understand the fashion of her culture for a foundation.

It is very similar to Parisian Style.

Italian Style

A few years ago, I took a Coursera course on high end fashion out of Università Bocconi, and this gave me some basic knowledge and understanding.

Then I read several articles, and particularly enjoyed a blog called The LaBelle Society.  The post,  Dress like an Italian Woman and look elegant daily, confirmed many things I had already learned about Italian Style.

For example, just like the French women, Italians believe they are the master of timeless, classic style.

They go for quality over quantity…and see every day as a special occasion to look their best…something I have always believed.

In the summer, they like linen, skirts and capris.

I kept all of this information in mind as I worked with Cinzia’s adjectives….simple, comfortable, feminine and original. (She could not think of a fifth one!)

No one has ever sent the word original before…and it can be confusing.

I am making a guess that Cinzia sees “original” as classic, timeless style.  We see style icons such as Audrey Hepburn to be originals.

However, there are those who interpret original as UNIQUE, AVANT GARDE, GAMINE type style….just to be safe, I tossed just a smidgeon of that interpretation into the slideshows.

Also, CInzia, I kept skirts in but made sure they were longer ones which would look nice with flats and great flat leather sandals.

I included feminine details currently on trend such as lace and eyelet.  However,  in the La Belle blog, she writes of femininity communicated in fit….close fit on the body.


Italian Style

With her culture in my head, and with a focus on her four adjectives (and her love of greens and blues), here are the pieces I pulled for Cinzia:


Tops and Toppers:

Pants and Skirts:

Cinzia, please let me know if I am on the right track and I would love to know your interpretation of the word “original.”  

Thanks to everyone for joining along in these fun posts!  Tomorrow,  I will catch us up on a few headlines in Today’s News for Women over 50; and return to style adjectives on Thursday.

So what do the rest of you think of this lovely Italian lady’s adjectives for her Italian Style!


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Italian style

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