Style & Adjectives: Paris-Style Edition

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Paris Style

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend. I am back today with so much fun in a post I call Style & Adjectives: Paris-Style edition.

Most of you know I believe in creating a unique, personal style with the use of adjectives.

Please allow me to catch any new readers up to date:

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Last week, I began taking adjectives sent to me by blog readers for the second time, and helped them interpret those adjectives with clothing.  Here are those posts:

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Paris Style

 Today, I am excited to introduce to you Sally Bayless.

I rejoiced over receiving Sally’s email, because we really are kindred spirits in many ways.

Sally is an author of Christian romance novels…which I am going to begin reading very soon!  Click on her name for her website!

I always appreciate additional information and Sally shared that she is a cool winter color palette; her feet are very narrow and need arch support; and she sizes in the Misses.

And we can see that she has a lovely SMILE…the best accessory.

Paris style

Sally’s style adjectives are CLASSIC (Timeless), HAPPY, CREATIVE, FRENCH, and COMFORTABLE.

She wants to dress for the day and maintain a casual, chic, professional appearance with comfort, because she sits at a computer for hours like I do.  She seeks the comfort of pajamas in street style clothing.

Paris Style

She sent along this image of Ines de la Fressange as an example of style she seeks at this time of her life.

I don’t know if it surprised Sally that I knew who Ines is, but it helped me know what I needed to do.

Go to the field reporting!


Paris Style


In order to communicate to the world you wear Paris-style, I went to my two favorite sources.  The first one is Ines herself and her book, Parisian Chic.   Years ago, I read this book, highlighted every page, and reviewed it on this blog.  It was originally published in 2010 and I find it enjoyable to read even today and was caught up in reviewing my highlights.  I cannot go over all of it, so you might enjoy the read yourself.

I can actually credit Ines’s book for sending me to the thrift store…particularly in the men’s department.  That was when I began to go to Goodwill SA…and the rest is history!

Paris Style

She writes: “Parisian style is an attitude, a state-of-mind.  A Parisian steps lightly around the fashion traps of the day….always with the same aim: fashion should be fun.”

“The Parisian is a free spirit…she does not buy a matching blouse and skirt from the same store.  The rule is simple: chic means never having to buy a complete outfit.”

‘The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. The Parisian knows her shape, what suits her, and what matches her lifestyle.”

Always mix chic and cheap!  A pile of luxury labels can be fatal after 45.

Ines writes about the Magnificent Seven that every Parisian chic woman should own: a man’s blazer, a trench coat, a navy sweater, a tank top, a little black dress and a leather jacket.

Paris Style

My other source is the fabulous Susan Blakey of une femme d’un certain age.

Susan travels to Paris often and, in fact, was literally just there.  Here is what I noted from her style reports:

In the post, My favorite (affordable) shops in Paris, she noted:

“Most of the shops are already stocked with spring/summer items. I’m seeing a LOT of color on the racks. Green, orange, coral red, lavender, and peach seem to be the colors most on trend, though you’ll always find a lot of blue as well (denim and soft blues).

Other trends I’ve noticed (at least in the shops):

  • longer, printed skirts
  • still a lot of relaxed fits and oversized cuts
  • lighter wash denim in relaxed fits
  • fruit and floral prints (but stripes too, always!)
  • lots of straw and raffia bags

It will be interesting to see as the weather warms up whether Parisians will take up more colorful wear. (The last time we were here in the summer, I did notice much more color being worn.)”

paris Style

Then, in her recent post What They’re Wearing in Paris, she noted:

“Sneakers everywhere, on everyone

Well, almost. Parisians love their sneakers, in a multitude of styles. Classic white styles are still popular, both sleek and chunky. I also spotted a notable number of styles with some metallic or sparkly details. (See image on left, above.)

You’ll see just about every denim style and wash on women of all ages, usually topped off with a jacket or blazer.

Basically, you won’t go wrong in Paris with “smart casual” attire. Paris has become much more casual over the years we’ve been visiting, and even in nice restaurants you’ll see people in jeans and sneakers (but neat). Though you still don’t see people wearing sweats, yoga wear, or “athleisure” styles unless they’re actually jogging.

And though I spied a lot of color in the shops, usually you’ll find Parisians are more comfortable in neutrals, with maybe one piece as a color accent.”

Paris Style

So, for Sally, I am gleaning from my sources and recommend: neutrals accented with color (to communicate her creative side); great denim; blazers; a little navy in the mix; sneakers; ballet flats; comfortable knits; and no athleisure (though typically it would be a go-to for comfort). Just remember, I am looking for pieces which communicate all five adjectives…classic; happy; creative; French; and comfortable.  Since she seeks a classic, timeless, French style, I recommend small, simple accessories.  I believe her creative messaging should come forth in a beautiful color or topper to a neutral outfit; in simple jewelry; and in beautiful silk square scarves.

She mentioned her desire for red ballet flats such as Ines is wearing.  There are some on the market, but she knows her feet better than I.

I do recommend she try Aetrex and Vionic for her shoes.  Excellent brands for foot challenges.

I also recommend spending a little more on some quality basics in brands such as Eileen Fisher; Ming Wang; Talbot’s.  I have friends who wear the jeans from Ming Wang and Eileen Fisher and believe they are worth every penny in comfort and fit.  I like JJILL jeans for the same reasons.  Sometimes we need to go to these better brands to discover the true comfort we are looking for in denim.

I see a perfect comfy versatile outfit in an Eileen Fisher black dress which you can work in most of the day; then toss on this lovely Chico’s Shatung jacket in lotus petal and simple white necklace; black & silver ballet flats or white sneakers would work; and a beautiful straw handbag to go out.

I feel like a blazer, tee shirt (could be prints for creativity) and jeans will be a signature casual-chic look for you…I see these outfits with sneakers.  I know Susan listed the relaxed, oversize trends and it is popular right now…but I really believe what you are going for in timeless style would be blazers with more fit and polish.  I also do not see you in long floral skirts.  A longer knit skirt with a short cardigan or jean jacket is more where I see your style with these adjectives.  For fun and a touch of creativity, consider a silk square with this signature look occasionally.  I did put pieces in the slideshow.

I am so anxious to hear your thoughts on a uniqely-you Paris style just for you…..

Paris Style

It was so much fun shopping for you Sally…there is more than one slideshow.  Let me know what you think and thank you for reaching out. 

I am looking forward to reading your books and hopefully hearing from you often here.



Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this post…I know it is long, but I had much to say about the word “French” as an adjective. Paris-style is always a good idea…right? (I know I am taking liberties here!)


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