The Great Charm Of A World Beyond Blue, Or Saturday Morning at 10:05am

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Two years and a couple of months ago I bought a little ice blue wristlet pouch from Hobo. Quite loved it. Good for dashing out of the car, packing into a tote for the single flight I’ve taken in this time, etc. However, as I have moved away from jeans (forever known now as “hard pants) to Eileen Fisher and her forgiving elastic waists, I’ve felt my style quotient fall. I cannot give up the desire to present as someone a little quirky, a little artistic, perhaps prone to indulgence.

Also tough but squishy. Perhaps because I am all of the above. Style for me has always been about identity; aesthetics are but one component. Also the corners of the Hobo bag are dirty. No one’s fault but my own.


From Loewe, in Rosemary. 7″x9.4″ Magnetic inner clasp, no inner pockets, shoulder strap adjustable and detachable. That little black seam is delicious and the leather–buttery to die for.

Comes in 18 colors, if you go to the Loewe site. The possibilities asymptotically approach endless.

Below with Eileen Fisher lantern pants in Graphite, a wrinkled linen Eileen Fisher tee, and 30-year old Doc Martins. Platinum bead drop earrings from Blue Nile for just the right amount of frippery. Could probably do without the wrinkle in the tee but couldn’t, as the British say, be arsed to iron. (Yes, in High WASP culture it is OK to publicly curse in another language. Just not your own.)

Look ma, new bag!

Actually my mother cared not one whit for bags as objects. They were New England functional to her. We are not always apples, falling close to our trees.

I haven’t generally liked green. But again, in the move away from jeans, one’s color possibilities change. This green is grayed, and not overly yellow. Remember these taupe lantern pants?

Now imagine the bag with this sweater from my son and the taupe pants? Helpful reference. I’ll probably have to wear blue earrings so as not to lose my bearings.

Reminding me I do need another haircut. Possibly I haven’t had one since last September? Yeah that sounds about right. Assume I have the haircut. What am I ready for then? Opportunity. (Yes, yes, I’m still masking inside and in crowds.)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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