We Tried to Guess How Much People at the Arnold Sports Festival Could Squat

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The Squat is mainly known for the work it gives your legs, of course, but when done right it will also work out just about the entire rest of your body. At this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, some of the world’s greatest athletes—from all different backgrounds, with all different physique types—came together to converse about all things fitness, squats included. And Men’s Health video producer Tony Xie took the challenge to figure out just how much some of these athletes could squat, based on just a few questions.

Of course, the Arnold Sports Festival brings a whole lot of people, with a whole lot of different strengths, together. This year, held as always in Columbus, Ohio, marked the 34th staging of the event, and saw its space filled by people from all across the fitness spectrum, including nearly 60 different disciplines, including everything from traditional bench press champions and bodybuilders to far more obscure ways of proving strength expertise and finesse.

But for our purposes right now, we’re here to talk about the squat. Xie used his wits and interrogation skills to try to figure out just how enormous—or not-so-enormous—each given subject’s squat number was. And the questions could be anything from a bit of information to be used for a scientific estimate—someone’s weight—to just sort of checking their vibe—their favorite superhero. The best question of the bunch? Asking one guy whether his squat number was higher or lower than his credit score. You didn’t think you were getting a personal finance lesson when you clicked on this story today, did you?

At the end of the day, perhaps Men’s Health‘s findings are that take a shot in the dark guess at how much someone can squat is something of a fruitless endeavor. So why not keep training and get that number up? As Xie says at the end of the the video, it’s all about getting the right form—and maintaining some strength. It’s pretty simple from there.

“When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders,” he says. “Just brace your abs and stand up.”

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