What I Wore: Date Night

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What I Wore

Happy Tuesday!  I have one more WHAT I WORE post for you featuring DATE NIGHT!

Before Mr. B and I headed out for the big family weekend, we got in a date night last Thursday.

It was a time to go out to a lovely restaurant and attend the theater production of Donna Summer: The Musical.


What I Wore

I thought some of you might like this particular picture, because you can see a lovely lady wearing sneakers with her dress in the background.

I prefer wearing pants to dresses and really have my entire life over 50, but I am getting to where I want to add more to my wardrobe.

Now to discuss WHAT I WORE:

On this night, I took my style adjectives (joyful, polished, approachable, creative, current) to my closet, full of my preferred autumn palette, to mix something together for the evening.

I am so glad I decided to keep this silk Eileen Fisher coat in my wardrobe when everything changed over…the lovely brown works.

I have worn this coat off and on for special events for years… keeps me POLISHED.  

It has proven itself to have much potential…as Carol mentioned in the comments last Saturday….to be either a high end piece or casual chic.

The beautiful blue-green top from Chico’s is so perfect for my wardrobe and takes the look up a notch.

How did I look CURRENT?  With the white jeggings from JC Penneys!  Though they are quite casual, I believe the mix of casual chic works here.

Accessories included a snakeskin clutch, the lovely thrifted necklace, and ballet flats add the touch of CREATIVE for me.

For me, WHAT I WORE to the event was more about staying true to my style adjectives than weather I was in a dress or pants….


What I wore

I am standing in the gorgeous St. Anthony’s Hotel in downtown San Antonio. 

What I Wore

What I Wore

Inside of the hotel, is the acclaimed restaurant REBELLE.

My favorite dish isn’t featured in the pictures but it was a side dish of baked spinach and truffle sauce….amazing!!


What I Wore

Before I close out WHAT I WORE today, let’s take a look back at last week because I need to make sure we are all on the same page.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been assisting readers with interpreting their style adjectives. 

I believe deciding and controlling the messages you want to send about you with your style is the way we develop a personal, unique style that everyone around identifies as uniquely you.

Last week began with Sally including the word “French” in her adjectives; then I actually heard from a reader in Italy (Cinzia); and Linda mentioned her interest in Scandinavian style in her new retired style.

What I Wore

This is where the different influences from other countries and from our surroundings originated.  I was not doing a series on style from other countries….but on style adjectives.

If another reader mentions her desire to communicate she is influenced by another country, I will try to include it in the pieces I select for her and in the content.

Otherwise, I will not be writing specifically about another country.

The series is and always has been about individual women and what they want to tell the world about their unique style using five style adjectives.

If you still have questions about this series, then please ask below.

I will go back to featuring readers and their adjectives sometime this week…I am still gathering myself together after such a busy weekend!

Now, here are some pieces you may want to check out……

Thank you for joining in today for WHAT I WORE for Date Night!  Feel free to join in the conversation below and I will see you tomorrow with some headlines curated just for you!


By Pamela Lutrell

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