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Would you Wear It

Happy Saturday! Welcome to Would You Wear It and today I am featuring nature inspired prints.

Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and I team up on Saturdays to ask WOULD YOU WEAR It in displays from two areas of the country.

We always learn so much during these exercises about the reasons women would wear an outfit or not wear an outfit.

So please be detailed and specific with your answers.


Would You Wear It

I was struck by this display that the thread which tied the outfits was nature….one with flowers and one with…maybe…leaves?

Think about the nature prints…do the colors matter if you would wear them or the size of the prints?

I like the idea of the table in the display, but personally would be more creative with it. 

You may always bring your ideas for styling the outfits or the display itself.

Would You Wear It

So, please look this lovely display over and tell us………………………………..


Today’s display is from a very nice brand called Nic & Zoe and I mostly find it at Dillard’sHere are more of their garments (including some plus size and including today’s display):


Would you wear it

This was such a fun week on Over 50 Feeling 40 as I began to work with readers and their style adjectives.

It is always so much fun to help other women decide what they want to say about themselves with what they wear.

These conversations were at the bottom of my “jacket” posts, so in case you missed them…check these out…and the comments are also worth the read….

Carlene’s Style

Marcia’s Style

Deborah’s Style (first time I have selected adjectives for a reader without knowing her)

Robin’s Style


Would You Wear It

My oldest grandchild…first of six…is 9 and he created this picture of the Northern Lights in his art class at school.

I think it is amazing!  I cannot wait to frame a print of it….he truly amazed me with how he captured the lights.

Of course, this GIGI is very proud of them all!

I hope you have a lovely weekend scheduled with people you hold dear.

But, first make sure you comment on today’s display and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think!

Thank you for being here……more style adjectives with readers next week!


By Pamela Lutrell

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