5 ways to cover arms: #4 Ruanas

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5 ways to cover arms

Happy May Monday, everyone!  Let’s return to 5 ways to cover arms for women over 50 in the warmer weather!

Number four is about ruanas.

Basically, a ruana is a covering which resembles a poncho…and there are ruanas specifically designed for warmer weather.


5 ways to cover arms with ruanas

I love a ruana for special occasions in particular.  They are not really a wear around the house topper.

I also love them to express my “creative” adjective…many come in beautiful colors and prints.

Today, I am wearing a topper I have owned for years from a brand called Artful Home.  It is a fun artisan piece and if you love “artisan” you will love their brand.

The lack of structure takes this from being a jacket to a ruana.  Also, remember ruanas can have sleeves…though they are rare.

I styled it with a sleeveless top from Loft, and Zenergy pants from Chico’s.   These pants are cool, comfy and polished.  They also do not wrinkle…Zenergy is a great casual label.

I just purchased a new ruana from Talbot’s and it is gorgeous…I will style it soon…but check it out here….this is a wear to special occasions ruana….the off white with gold flecks is beautiful!

Now, to today’s slideshow (includes all price points)  of more lovely ruanas….NOTE: I SIZE DOWN ON RUANAS WHEN POSSIBLE…MAKES A DIFFERENCE….

JJILL: Paisley Border Ruana

There is a very fine line between a kimono and a ruana….but tomorrow we will discuss kimonos!


This are just a few things to keep in mind when you get that semi-formal invitation!  Hope you enjoy!

I am always looking for video ideas, so if you have an idea you would like to hear me discuss…please share it or send me an email!

Any fans of ruanas out there…would love to hear your favorite ways to style one.  Thanks for being here and always be sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

ways to cover arms

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